Do you feel the call to be part of the Planetary Awakening in Love?

Are you ready to embody the Sacred Feminine in Your Daily Life?

Would you like to help us to anchor the Divine Feminine in every heart?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

You together with other Women around the World are ready to: 

Be the change that you wish to see in the world”  Mahatma Gandhi

Love it! I resonate 100% percent with this Wisdom… Do you?


in the mist of your daily activities, duties and challenges don’t you ask yourself often… 

 HOW? How can I...

support the call?... feel it and integrate it in me?... anchor it inside me?... make those changes?

Along my own path of Remembering I had the pleasure and honor to meet amazing Women and Men who have been remembering the Sacred Feminine within and integrated in their work. They all have found different answers to the HOW.

My vision is to bring 12 Visionaries together for You… for the Planetary Awakening of the Feminine Divine to inspire you to find your unique How… How to bring your light into the World.

Like me, we all have developed great tools to support you in creating a Life in deLIGHT so we can all together co-create the New World you and I are longing for.

I am so delighted to invite you to join my friends and me in a 14 Day Free OnLine Experience:

Aa Ame - Life in deLIGHT! Be Woman!
12 - 25 February, 2018

Enjoy from any part of the World.

Are You Excited? I AM!  Your Host, Lilly Wong

Meet my amazing World Leader Friends, who are ready to support You in creating a Life in deLIGHT!:


* Aa- Ame * Is a Sacred Sound in Light Language. It meaning is infinite… Be Woman, Be Authentic, Be Infinite Love, Be Joyful, Be Asiri (smile in quechua), Be Radiant, Be Spiritual, Be Angelical, Be Quantum, Be Essence, Be Sisterhood, Be Powerful, Be Creative, Be Universalis… toward a Life in deLIGHT!

Would you like to:

* find Your True Passion.
* have new tools to finally get out of the crisis.
* make decisions based on Self love.
* Follow Your Inner voice and share Your gifts in to the World.

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YES! I want to be part of the Planetary Awakening of the Sacred feminine and create a Life in deLIGHT!

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