New Planetary Creations

Co-creating the Next Generation of Humankind. Do you feel the call?

Do you believe in creating a New Reality? ... We do!

The Eloheim, an angelic group consciousness, guardians of cosmic portals, are the builders of the universe as we know it. They are now gathering a group of Souls, like you, who feel the call to join with them in co-creating a New Human Reality... a New World... a New Human all through New Vocal Music & cosmic iLanguage. We are anchoring 12+1=13 new attributes of  Umi Na uLa 

[Uu Mie te•i•a ] n 1. Co-creation of a new [i]Grid for the New Human Umi Na uLa 2. Seeding the Umi Na uLa frequencies into our DNA and all of Gaia’s grids 3. Cosmic embryonic support for the New Human emerging.

 [Umi Na uLa ] n 1. The New Human 2. New Humanity 3. New Planetary Reality 4. New Universe.

Are you in?

Voices of the Eloheim | Uu Mie te•i•a

3 Parts of the iProject | Do you feel the call?

  • 1 Voices of the Eloheim | Uu Mie te•i•a | Co-creating a new [i]Grid for the New Human

    The New Human | Umi Na uLa | embryonic support

    1) 13 [i]Disks iActivation: iRemembering from ancient times of Lemuria, Atlantis & Egypt. 2) 13 Plasma [i]Fields iActivation spreading and unifying the New Frequencies in Gaia. 3) 13 [i]Pillars iActivation: iSeeding the New Human attributes for the first time on Planet Earth.

  • 2 | Voices of the Eloheim | Cosmic Gospel [i]Choir | Co-Creating new [i]Songs for the New Humanity

    The New Humanity | Umi Na u La | planetary resonanz

    1) Upgrade the collective consciousness and energy [i]Field. 2) Expanding the New Cosmic Frequencies of the New Human through your iVoice.

  • 3 | Voices of the Eloheim | Be U Be Love ♥ SHOW | Co-creating a new [i]Show for a New Planetary Reality

    The New World | Umi Na u La | heart opening - crowdfunding

    A mains stream [i]Show for a - planetary heart opening - to make it possible to all to embrace the New Frequencies of a New Human.


n 1. Constant, that describes the quality, quantity and intensity of Pure Consciousness.

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The Dragon Consciousness has join this Planetary Mission

Itinerary 1

Voices of the Eloheim | Uu Mie te•i•a

3.3.3 | December 2019


We will quantumly anchor - the 3rd Etheric iPillar of the New Humanity Blueprint this 3.3.3 at Iceland.

Itinerary 2

Voices of the Eloheim | Cosmic Gospel [i]Choir

*** Look up at UPCOMING EVENTS for more or invite us to your country, write us here ***

April 2019

 On Portoroz, Slovenia we sang 555 people from 40 different countries as we all together co-create a Blueprint for the New Humanity:


March 2018

We anchored the Foundation of the New Blueprint in Milano, Italy. We iSing all together in iLanguage.  


December 2017

We anchored the Vision in Hawaii, USA. We express the new Cosmic Gospel iSongs for the first time. We iSing all together.


Stay tuned! It’s just the beginning!

Itinerary 3

Voices of the Eloheim | Be U Be Love ♥ SHOW

We are in inner refinement and creative process! We let you know when we are ready!

"A Higher Purpose brought us tog... we knew... BUT... What exactly? It took us 4 years to figure it out... the truth is that we had to upgrade the iSelf as individuals and as a couple to solve the mistery. Voices of the Eloheim is our Co-Creative Vision." Lilly & Robert

“The music of Robert as you know it… is only the beginning. His Masterpiece Period is just starting. The years before were the warm up. The more he evolves as a person, the greater the music becomes… Remember, this is just the beginning. I can’t wait to have more of his timeless music to keep co-creating the vision of a New Universe.”


“Lilly a guide, a visionary, a transformer. She has spent many years intensely working on her own self refinement, her iSelf, so that she could now be a catalyst for others in Mastering the Sacred Art of co-creating with the Universe.”


Robert Coxon: For almost 30 years, Robert Coxon, world renowned composer and artist, has performed concerts around the world to catalyze healing and transformation. His music has been scientifically proven to heal certain ailments, and numerous concert participants have reported miraculous healings.

More about Robert Clic here aquí 

Lilly Wong creator of the Lilithgram©, Horusgram©, Dragonsgram© & the LL Soul Travel AgencyTM She supports Visionaries around the world in getting in touch with the center of the Universe, allowing the New Human to emerge within them. What for? To maximize a change of consciousness and their impact in the world by being the best Next Generation of their iSelf. As a channel, I manifest ground-breaking tools - the LL Soul Care Packages - that allow your own Soul Travel to be revealing, adventurous and at ease.

More about Lilly Click here

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Every time you invest in You... The Timalu Academy take action in co-creating a New World... eTe Ne•a