3 Cosmic Mini [i]Activations

Ana'a Anamaká

Umi Na uLa [i]Project 12+1 (13)

Enjoy the three aKhu•na Ingredients to be constantly updated energetically, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Ready to express more of your cosmic potential. I am excited about the expansion of consciousness. 

What about you? 

Join whenever you want, having the experience always in the Now..



Download the [i]Activations and listen to them twice a day - alternating - for at least 28 days. Then use them according to the instructions of your inner guidance or intuition.

The 3 Cosmic Ingredients


TarMaJo-o | The Cosmic [i]Matrix

First Cosmic Ingredient

“This Cosmic Membrane, Cosmic [i]Matrix allows you to travel beyond Time and Space, it allows you to receive and send cosmic messages throughout the Universe and the Multiverse." Dolphin Consciousness 

It is a gift from the Dolphin, Eloheim and Pleiadian Consciousness

The TarMajo-o Effect supporting the transcendence of your Linear Self to your Multidimensional Self beyond Time and Space.

Barbara Marx Hubbard recommend me to read the Cosmic Hologram by Judi Currivan after she experienced herself the Cosmic [i]Matrix.

I was surprised to find the most poetic definition of TarMaJo-o through the Indra's net definition on the book:

“Imagine a shimmering net of light, without beginning or end. At each node of its weave and weft sits a shimmering jewel, and these myriad multifaceted jewels reflect and are each reflected by every other in rainbow-hued radiance of ever-changing illumination. Its infinite oneness manifests in the uncountable creative gems through which its eternal evolution is continually inspired and co-created.”  TarMaJo-o

ti-MaLu_uu | Cosmic Universal Love

Second Cosmic Ingredient

Be You, Be Me, Be LOVE” Ula neNami-o (Pleiadian Guide)

Gift of consciousness from the Pleiadians and Eloheim

The Ti-MaLu_uu Effect allowing the energy of Universal Cosmic Love to manifest in you and through you. 

Ela Ane Amanea, my cosmic team, recommended me to read a letter from Einstein to his daughter. To my surprise, in it, he defines ti-MaLu_uu in his own words:

“There is an extremely powerful force that, so far, science has not found a formal explanation to. It is a force that includes and governs all others, and is even behind any phenomenon operating in the universe and has not yet been identified by us. This universal force is LOVE.” ti-MaLu_uu

Ana'a Anamaká | GAIA in You

Third Cosmic Ingredients

“You are Gaia, You are the Mountains, the Ocean, the Animals… You are Mother Earth! By harmonizing your self, you harmonize me, you and humanity.” GAIA

It is a gift from Pleiadian Consciousness, our Ancestors and GAIA  (Planet Earth’s Consciousness)

The Ana'a Anamaká Effect aligning your human experience with Gaia and allowing to experience Cosmic Gaia in you.

During a Facebook live I shared with you a letter from the oracle created by Monica Muranyi called Gaia Revealed - Renew your relationship with Mother Earth, which is part of a compendium of Kryon channelings, where particularly, we were given this beautiful message: 

"Alignment with Gaia | The indigenous felt the planet and knew it was part of them. They had an alliance with Gaia and used ceremonies of alignment, not prayers of asking. The process of alignment is still alive and available to you, and already Gaia is responding to your intent."  Ana'a Anamaká

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