3 Cosmic Mini [i]Activations
Ana'a Anamaká

Integrate the frequency, light and consciousness of the three main ingredients behind the Cosmic Suit T.t.A. Remembering the Pleiadian, Dolphin and Eloheim consciousness in You. Enjoy!

* Strengthen your field
* Release your fears
* Embody your cosmic Soul

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3 Mini [i]Activations 

What If You Could Enjoy the Three Main aKhu•na Ingredients to Stay Constantly In Line With Your Energetic Forces--Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically... 

...without feeling overwhelmed with information?! 

If you’ve been trying to find the BEST way to get more in line with yourself and start focusing on what really matters… you are going to love this. 

Are you a conscious being who… 

  • Searches for the best way to send and receive cosmic messages (throughout the Universe and Multiverse). 
  • Supports the transcendence of your Linear Self to your Multidimensional Self (beyond time and space).
  • Spends hours trying to align your human experiences to those of Goddesses and Magicians to ultimately enhance and enrich your life (in its most significant capabilities).

 YES! … I’ve got the best ingredients for you.

With These 3 Cosmic Mini [i]Activations,

You’ll Be Able to Experience Your Consciousness...

  • In its most extreme forms
  • Without leaving your home
  • By refining inwards within yourself

... and I’m guiding you each step of the way!

Hi! I’m the creator behind this stellar event on 3 Cosmic Mini [i]Activations. Years ago, I was called to support this world's intuitive, aware, and visionaries--the “Black Sheep,” if you will. My mission here is to help you remember, activate, and integrate your FULL Cosmic Soul’s (iSelf) potential without letting the limits of this Earthly world stop you.

With this heavenly gift, you’ll be able to integrate these ingredients, giving you the strength to share your OWN unique cosmic genius for good in the world with clarity, purpose, and courage. Together, we will support humanity ascend to a New State of Consciousness.

1. TarMaJo-o | The Cosmic [i]Matrix

This is the first Cosmic ingredient that we will taste. Brought as a gift from the Dolphin, Eloheim, and Pleiadian Consciousness, this tool will give you the ability to transcend your Linear Self to your Multidimensional Self beyond time and space. 

Described as a shimmering net of light without beginning or end, this matrix will open you up to an infinite amount of manifestations of creativity.

2. ti-MaLu_uu | Cosmic Universal Love

Through the Pleiadian Consciousness, the second Cosmic ingredient that you’ll get to know is ti-MaLu_uu. It allows the energy, frequency, and vibration of Universal Cosmic Love to Manifest inside and through YOU — making YOU a creator power source. 

Science has not been able to explain the powerful forces this ingredient brings, but Einstein mentioned in a letter to his daughter that LOVE is a force that includes and governs all others.

3. Ana'a Anamaká | GAIA in You

Lastly, you will feel Ana’a Anamaká: third Cosmic ingredient. This captivated everything that Gaia, Mother Earth, Pachamama is. 

By using this gift, you can align your human experience with Cosmic Gaia inside yourself.

Have you been wanting to learn more about yourself, and how can Consciousness drastically change your life?

  • That’s precisely why my cosmic team Ela Ane Amanea and I co-created this experience — in hopes that you’ll master how to use these powers within yourself.

  • Then, once you're ready, you can begin sharing them with the world!

Are you curious about how this [i]Event works?

  • Inside, I’m taking you through 3 activations and ingredients that will insanely challenge and change your life.

  • By using these activations to level up and transform the world, you’ll come to this newfound power within yourself that you can use at any time.

If you’re ready to open up your Consciousness and dive into your power…

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