Welcome to next step of Human Essence.

Cosmic Gaia in You
7+1 (8) Journey of Ascension


You’re on a conscious journey,
You honor trees, animals, & plants,
You’ve recognized you are one with Gaia,
You love Mother Earth!

... you know,


«In looking deeper into Nature,
you will be able to unravel the mysteries
of the entire Multiverse.»

Ela Ane Amanea - from aKhu•na ⁣
Do you also know that GAIA, our beloved Planet, is one of a Kind?

Mother Earth is a continuously evolving multiversal library, you can find on these Planet fractals of the entire Multiverse. YES!!! It is a privilege to be here!

If all the secrets in the entire multiverse can be found on Earth, in Gaia,
and you are GAIA…
YES! Say it aloud:
Then you can find the entire Multiverse within YOU.

Step by Step, you can discover more of these galactic, universal, and multiversal mysteries within. I have been guided to share with you some cosmic tools that will help you solve more of these riddles from within. It would be like giving you some keys to open more doors of your cosmic wisdom library.

Do you feel this is for you?

Join these two days online cosmic event
(or, as I like to call it, inner retreat)

Cosmic Gaia in You
7+1 (8) Journey of Ascension

This event in in English and Spanish


Hi, I'm Lilly Wong
Cosmic Shaman on Earth

I’ve realized during the pollination dUr-Rna Tour that - by anchoring the seventh element on Earth – all other 6 elements became more subtle, more multidimensional, more cosmic.

It is like, now the 7+1(8) Elements on Earth are running on the newest operating system.

GAIA point 144+1(145)

Ready to vibrate the next level of human consciousness?

Join me in this new adventure.
Ana'a Anamaká,


What to expect

This course invites you on a journey of ascension supported by Mother Gaia.

You will get to know Earth as a Cosmic Library that holds all the secrets of the multiverse.

The course consists of eight mini-modules dedicated to the elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether, Cosmic Plasma, dUr-Rna, and their synergy.

You will receive activating meditations to attune you to the elemental energies, cosmic codes to activate ancient wisdom within you, and cosmic formulas to harmonize spaces and energize your physical body.
Supporting Intuitive Souls, Conscious Visionaries, and Starseeds around the World.

Belinda García

After taking some of Lilly's programs at the Timalu Academy, I was able to unify my spiritual practice in my day-to-day activities.

I can now express my spirituality in every aspect of my life!

Valentina Tognetti

Through these experiences at the Timalu Academy, I was able to realize I am not alone in this path. Furthermore, I can embrace not doing but “Being” allowing me to be a catalyst of big changes in me and around me.

Moni Ninel

During my journey through the Timalu Academy, I have been able to leave unhealthy relationships and bring more harmony to current relationships.

Lilly has shown me an awesome way to achieve a balanced integration of emotions, thoughts, and energy.

Are you ready to vibrate to the next level of your human essence?

I am ready



$ USD 188

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  • Watch 24/7. Anywhere. Anytime



$ USD 98 /month

  • Two monthly payments.
  • Instant Access To Just this Course
  • Watch 24/7. Anywhere. Anytime

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This Inner Retreat has been co-created by cosmic design, to activate:


GAIA cosmic codes

Vibrate cosmic Gaia as all elements evolve within.
Ascension vibrational principles

Have cosmic tools to help you in your day-to-day.
Multidimensional elements-formulas

Experience the next generation of all Elements.
Sneak-Preview of the 7+1 (8) Cosmic Earth Elements and the Cosmic Formulas
  • Code Cosmic Earth: Strengthening Your Physical Body. Archetype: Merlin
  • Code Cosmic Water: Strengthening Your Emotional Body. Archetype: Isis
  • Code Cosmic Fire: Strengthening Your Mental Body. Archetype: Guadalupe
  • Code Cosmic Air: Strengthening Your Spiritual Body. Archetypes: Ma. Magdalene and the White Eagle
  • Code Cosmic Ether: Empowerment of your Quantum Self. Archetypes: Archangel Michael and Dolphins
  • Code Cosmic Plasma: Empowerment of your Androgynous Self. Archetypes: Francisco de Asis
  • Code Cosmic dUr-Rna: Activation of your Avatar Self. Archetype: The Group Consciousness of Ashtar
  • Code Cosmic Synergy of all SEVEN ELEMENTS. Archetypes: The Whales and Dragon Consciousness

How will this course benefit you?

The course Gaia in You will help you:

- Connect deeply with all the elements on Earth
- Upgrade your DNA with these elements to
regenerate your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies
- Vibrate cosmic Gaia energy within you
- Remember your shamanic, earthly, and cosmic wisdom
- Ascend and enter the next planetary dimension and level of human consciousness
- Work with Earth as a Cosmic Library
- Unlock the wisdom and secrets of the multiverse with the help of Gaia
Helping thousands of cosmic visionaries from around the world discover their cosmic soul potential

“Thanks to the encounter with the aKhu•na Language, through Lilly Wong, I understood the truth of my inner voice and guidance, which has accompanied me since I arrived in Gaia.”

Jovisa Sandoval Mexico

“I appreciate Lilly Wong’s presence on the planet. Her precious sharings are an immense support for all those who wish to  cross the bridge into the vibrational field of the new Earth” 

Marco Missinato Italy

“No doubt Lilly is a very special being, with her joy and availability to guide us to discover the mysteries and beauties of our soul.”

Ramayash Katia Brazil
Cosmic GAIA in YOU
7+1 (8) Earth Elements. Journey of Ascension
Frequently Asked Questions
No, you don’t need any prior knowledge to take the course – everybody is welcome!
To sign up for the course, simply click here, and follow the instructions. To log in once you have already signed up, please follow the instructions we have compiled for you here.
The activations you will experience at the event are frequencies. This means they will be interacting with your unique essence by reading your energetics, Akashic Records, and DNA to give you what your soul needs.
You will also have access to a closed Telegram community, where you can ask questions, share your thoughts, and meet like-minded souls.
If your soul has led you here, I am sure you will love the course. But, if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, you can get a full refund. To be eligible, you need to contact me before downloading any files and within 24 hours after your purchase.
No, you do not need to speak both languages. In fact, it can be helpful if you do not. The purpose of the course being held in both English and Spanish lies beyond merely making it accessible in two languages. The main idea is that, when you listen to a language you do not know, you learn to ‘listen’ to the energy behind the words instead of relying on their familiar meanings. This is also a great preparation for opening yourself up to the cosmic messages I share through light language and codes. So all you need is an open heart and mind.
It is a 2 Day- Event (inner retreat). As you will have lifetime access to the course, you will have all the time you need to process, harmonize, and integrate its content. You can review everything at your own pace.
Everything you will need will be provided as part of the course.
Once I receive your payment, you will have lifetime access to your event
Once you download any files, refunds will no longer be possible. If you wish to cancel your purchase, please contact me within 24 hours after your purchase and before downloading any course material.
Please contact us at: support@timaluacademy,com