Lee Carroll and Kryon about THE CODES and Lilly Wong

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1 | Los CÓDIGOS (77a)

Serie de 4 [i]Encuentros | 17 usd

Recordemos juntos los 24 códigos de la Gran Rueda de la Enseñanza. Recuerda los Mensajes Cósmicos de las Madres Pleyadianas acerca de quién eres desde los tiempos de Lemuria y de dónde vienes de fuera de este Mundo.


1 | The CODES (77a)

Series of 4 [i]Meetings | 17 usd

Let's Remember together the 24 CODES from The Great Teaching Wheel. Remember Cosmic Messages from the Pleiadian Mothers about who You have been since times of Lemuria and where you come from outside this World.

Pleiadian Passport to Earth

The Multidimensional Pleiadian Project | 222 usd

The Pleiades star cluster is a star system within the Taurus constellation next to Orion’s Belt in the Milky Way Galaxy. It is also known as the Seven Sisters and for many indigenous cultures, all across the planet, they claim that their ancestors came from the stars. Their creation story acknowledges their Pleiadian ancestry. Kryon has also given many channelled messages that the Pleiadians are the spiritual parents of humanity. We are a combination of an organic Human, grown from our planet Earth, melded with the sacred DNA of ascended beings, known as Pleiadians. the 16 speakers.... YOUR GALACTIC GUIDES You’ll benefit from their lifetimes of experience, wisdom, and love.