In other to remember who we can be, we should start to remember who we have been from beginning of times, and who we are beyond this world. 

The Lemurian Wheel is a Cosmic [i]Tool that helps us in doing so. 

Let’s remember all together our Lemurian Wisdom through FOUR Lemurian [i]Reunions. 

Let’s reawaken our Lemurian iSelf cellular memory through the Lemurian Wheel. 

Let’s experience the consciousness of the Lemurian & Pleiadian Masters through 4 [i]Activations.


[mir Ti aLe] n. 1. Remember your Lemurian iSelf. 2. Remember your Lemurian Wisdom. 3. Remember Lemuria in You in the now.

Lee Carroll and Kryon about THE CODES and Lilly Wong

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The Great Teaching Wheel from the Stars CODES are Pleiadian Cosmic Tools to support You in remembering more of who you are. 

Light Language is one way the Universe can send Consciousness Messages to you - as Human Being to support your own and collective process of Evolution.

Light Language comes through me as a Triad: 

Sound, as Voice… iSounds

Light, as Movement… iMovements

Matter, as Symbols … iCodes 

The Codes in these case have messages from the Pleiadian Mothers to remember who you have been since times of Lemuria and where you come from outside this World.

They are 24 CODES from the Wheel in total… but as multidimensional tool they have multilayers store information.

Let’s start to remember together.

The Great Teaching Wheel from the Stars 


Part 1: Introduction | Remember your Lemurian iSelf inwards and outwards

(Recording available)

Part 2: The TRIADs of the Wheel | 3 Levels of Evolution, 3 Vitruvian Men & 3 iLanguage expressions 

(Recording available)

Part 3: Wisdom and Consciousness behind the 5 Spokes

 (Recording available) 

Part 4: The Pleiadian Consciousness vibrating through the whole Wheel 

(Recording available)

Where: Join us quantumly any time.


LET's Co-create a New Cosmic [i]Event together! 

Cosmic [i]Event

NOTE: This Cosmic [i]Event is bilingual in English and Spanish! If you wish to live the experience in Portuguese and Italian send us an email to

Want to know more ...

  • PART 1| Introduction | Remember your Lemurian iSelf inwards and outwards

    Remember the Wheel as an expression of evolution inwards and outwards. Go beyond the Y-Y [i]Effect to create an holographic expression of the Whole. Get to know more about the Codes, Light Language and iLanguage. Vibrate… mir Ti aLe

  • PART 2 | The TRIADs of the Wheel | 3 Levels of Evolution, 3 Vitruvian Men & 3 iLanguage expressions

    Find out how the Lemurian Wheel works and why it has 5 spokes. Get to know the meaning of the Vitruvian Man, how he is now evolving and his relationship with the Wheel. Understand why there are 7+1 Series of 3 iCodes (physical/matter, quantum/energy and cosmic/consciousness), for a total of 24 iCodes. Download your personal Wheel and create your own puzzle of the Wheel. Let’s have fun!

  • PART 3 | Wisdom and Consciousness behind the 5 Spokes

    Experience the Cosmic T.t.A. [i]Suit to make a deeper transformation of your DNA to remember your full potential. Remember your potential as a cosmic co-creator, cosmic mirror and cosmic cycle. Open yourself to the multidimensional and timeless consciousness. Integrate the Codes of Gaia and the Human Being in you.

  • PART 4 | The Pleiadian Consciousness vibrating through the whole Wheel

    Get to know more what there is behind the Cosmic Project Umi Na Lula (New Human, New Humanity, New Multiverse) Understand the meaning of the Lemurian Wheel as a piece of the Umi Na uLa Project. Be surprised to discover how each of the Codes represent the vibration, frequency and consciousness of a Pleiadian Master. Nourish your Soul through the Codes of the Wheel.

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THE CODES | Cosmic [i]Event 1



    2. FOREWORD 02 | SUPPORT | Co-Creative [i]Videobook 1

    1. C1.1 | INTRODUCTION mir Ti aLe | Watch the recording of the Livestream | Part 1

    2. C1.2 | Download the [i]Activations

    1. C2.1 | Watch the recording of the Livestream | Part 2

    2. C2.2 | The Lemurian Teaching Wheel | Part 2

    3. C2.3 | Download the [i]Activation

    1. C3.1 | Watch the recording of the Livestream | Part 3

    2. C3.2 | Download the [i]Activation

    1. C4.1 | Watch the recording of the Livestream | Part 4

    2. C4.2 | Download the [i]Activation

    1. 04.01 | NEXT STEPS - You want to continue the Journey... here some options

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Lemuria in You

The full [i]Series | Volume 1 | THE CODES

Lemuria in You…Myth or Memory? I believe it is a memory in YOU. Lemuria… The beginning of Humankind as we know it now? I believe it is a non-linear turning point in Human evolution, a multidimensional cycle. Lemuria.. Is still alive? I believe we are now experiencing a new kind of Lemuria, as a whole Planet. Do you want to express your Lemurian iSelf in the Now? Let’s remember together!