Timalu Academy presents an original [i]Journey

Uli_ame-• | The Plasma Consciousness in You. Your Cosmic iSelf

It is time… to remember, integrate and express Your Cosmic Akashic Legacy

It is time to iRemember the Dragonwoman, the Dragonman and the Dragonchild within! 

As we allow ourselves to process, integrate and express our Cosmic Self… our Dragon iSelf, we awaken the potential to become “Cosmic Mothers" - beyond gender or age - for the New Human | Umi Na uLa 

It is personal  journey, a path and most of all, a cosmic inner call...

As you can imagine, it needs a complete upgrade of your iSelf… lots of inner refinement and a great level of [i]Coherence. 

The Dragons, Cosmic Fairies and Isis as part of Ela Ane Amanea have given me many [i]Tools for this purpose and are the hosts inviting and celebrating you.

Do you feel the call?

Your Cosmic iSelf has the potential to remember, integrate and express 77% of your DNA. Can you sense it?

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The Dragonhuman Arising documentary

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The Cosmic [i]Courses & [i]Videobooks online

The Cosmic iChild… your Dragon iSelf! (77+a)

Volumen 1 | Introduction 2 hr [i]Videobook | 17 usd

Remember your Cosmic Akashic Legacy. Recalibrate from the Crystalline to the Plasma Consciousness. Discover the next step after balancing the Feminine and Masculine in You. Harmonize, express and enjoy your Cosmic Self in your daily life!

The Dragonhuman Arising - The New Cosmic Rebirth (77+b)

Volumen 1 | 6 hr [i]Videobook 1 | 77 usd

iRemember the COSMIC CORE in YOU. Express a new Cosmic You as a Dragonhuman with the potential of a Cosmic Mother - beyond gender. Let's give birth to a New Humanity! Let's become part of a Galactic Community!

The Dragonhuman Arising - The New Cosmic Alignment (77+c)

Volumen 1 | 6 hr [i]Videobook 2 | 77 usd

It is time to iRemember COSMIC GAIA in YOU. Give birth to a New Cosmic Body in alignment with Cosmic GAIA, The Universe and Multiverse. Increase your potential to become a Dragonhuman. Are you ready to be part of the Galactic Community?

The Planetary [i]Events | Transmissions

[i]Activating dUr-Rna on Earth | S4:E3 Voices of the Eloheim

3 hr [i]Videobook | 54 usd

Integrating in You and GAIA the New SUPRA SEXUAL ENERGY. Let's "download" together the New dUr-Rna Consciousness to Gaia. We'll expand "dUr-Rna" through GAIA's [i]Grid Uu Mie te•i•a. We will do so by activating Mt Etna Dragon Plasma [i]Field.

The [i]Series

August 29th, 2021

Uli_ame-• | The Cosmic Mother beyond gender... [i]Journey 12+1 (13)

The unique path of a Cosmic Mother from within to support the brith of a New Humanity and 6 New Universes. A Journey ONE OF IT'S KIND. Ela Ane Amanea and Lilly are sharing with you New [i]Tools that haven't been on earth before. DO YOU FEEL THE CALL?
Uli_ame-• | The Cosmic Mother beyond gender...[i]Journey

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The New Cosmic Alignment

[i]Activating the dUr-Rna consciousness on Earth | PLANETARY [i]EVENT - English & Italian


Sharing for the first time about the Dragonhuman Journey

[i] n 1. Constant that describes the quality, quantity and intensity of Pure Consciousness.

[iSelf] n 1. You, in an intimate, conscious and cosmic relationship with your Soul.

[iRemember] 1. to Process, Integrate and Express [i]Information within your iSelf beyond space, time or dimension.

[i]Coherence n 1. Conscious upgrade of your Actions (feeling, doing & supra thinking) as an inseparable consistent gestalt of the iSelf.

[Ela Ane Amanea]

n. 1. Consciousness Cosmic Council guiding and supporting the New Human Birth. 2. 12+1 Councils of Light from the Universe & Multiverse

[i]Tools n 1. Pure [Ultra] Consciousness technology to support the process of transition towards a New Reality.

[i]Evolution n 1.A continuum of implosions at the center of the whole ready to create a synergetic New Whole through expansion of Consciousness.