A unique call to anchor the Creator’s Creation Force, a.k.a. dUr-Rna, within you and Gaia.


You are the most important ingredient. With your conscious intention, focus energy, and unique frequency, you can bring Humanity to its next stage of evolution and ascension. Yes! YOU!

Voices of The Eloheim (99 S4:E3)

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The dUr-Rna Consciousness allows you to evolve beyond the impossible. If you are here it is because your energetics are crystalline enough to integrate this new frequency, vibration, consciousness
Ela Ane Amanea


Let's "download" together a direct fractal of the Creator’s Creation Force, a.k.a. dUr-Rna, on Earth. You can do so by activating the Mt Etna Dragon Plasma [i]Field and anchoring dUr-Rna through GAIA's Grids, including the Uu Mie te•i•a [i]Network.

Your Planetary [i]Event Sneak Peek

During these three hours:

  • You will activate the Plasma [i]Field under the Mt Etna volcano to help the download of dUr-Rna for the first time on Earth. We will then use Gaia's Grids to expand this consciousness.
  • You will connect with the forest and amber frequency to prepare yourself for the dUr-Rna download.
  • You will become the conduit to download dUr-Rna into GAIA as the Plasma Frequency supported by the Dragon Consciousness.
Do you already have goosebumps? Want to co-create this planetary moment for human evolution? Do you feel the call? … YES!?

Surrender to the unknown, surrender to dUr-Rna, so the really NEW can come.

So, are you going to answer this call? Start today and:

Enjoy the presence of Isis, as a Dragonwoman, as she guides us to upgrade our whole bodies, our iSelf, a.k.a cosmic Soul.
Become part of the Uu Mie te•i•a [i]Grid, the volcano network, and the interstellar [i]Antenna, to turn into a conscious anchor of dUr-Rna for the first time on Earth.
Disappear into the silence of a cosmic reverence. Become one with dUr-Rna.

Join anytime, having the experience always in the Now. We meet quantumly.

This Co-Creative Cosmic [i]Event is in English and Spanish, and is translated into Italian and Portuguese.

If you are under 25 years old, please write to us and let us know why you want to join in this [i]Event. We are open for an exchange: [email protected]

Let's keep co-creating this sublime experience together, in the now!

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Let me introduce you to my cosmic team

Ela Ane Amanea

A multiversal consciousness group supporting the Umi Na uLa [i]Project of creation here on Earth.

Ela Ane Amanea \n\ 1. Cosmic consciousness group supporting the Umi Na uLa [i]Project of creation. 2. akhu•na cosmic librarians, advisers, and architects.

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aKhu•na iLanguage
* dUr-Rna is the Creator’s creation force in the Omniverse, like a cosmic main blueprint, a prime plan, the mother dough. * dUr-Rna helps to create life in the entire multiversal, multidimensional, and fractal cosmic system. * dUr-Rna codes (transcribes) and decodes (translates) the Multiversal DATA in order to create new micro and macro expressions of the Whole. It is the Creator's RNA.
dUr-Rna \ n \1. Cosmic RNA. 2. The Creator's creation force. 3. Cosmic royal jelly for creation itself.
* We are using the word force, because there is no word in your Earthly languages that can express the true essence of dUr-Rna… yet! * We mentioned that ti-MaLu_uu is a delicious nectar from the Creator’s original flower creating a multiversal honey to nourish you. So, dUr-Rna is the pollen of theOmniverse flower allowing royal jelly to be offered for Creation itself. Ela Ane Amanea

dUr-Rna (The Creation Force from Source)

Gustavo Amorin & Lilly Wong chatting about the Dragon and Plasma Consciousness.

Learn more behind Catania, Sicily and Mount Etna.

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Voices of the Eloheim | Uu Mie te•i•a

The [i]Series

The Eloheim, The Dragons and The Seraphim are now gathering a group of Souls, like you, who feel the call to join with them in co-creating a CONSCIOUSNESS GRID IN GAIA for the New Human ... a New World... a New Humanity Umi Na uLa.