Timalu Academy presents an original [i]Journey

The Crystalline & Rainbow Consciousness in You. Your Physical and Quantum iSelf. Your Balanced and Unique iSelf

TarMaJo-o | THE COSMOS...

•Uni Ma is everything and nothing… “Creative Source”, “Great Architect”… “Spirit”… I call it the Ultra Supra Existence

ti-Ma_Lu_uu is the gravitational force that keep •Uni Ma in perfect Cosmic order.

WHEN •Uni Ma  has Intention it creates the highest state consciousness Nia Me

WHEN •Uni Ma  puts Attention to Nia Me the highest  essence of Being emerge eTe Ne•a

WHEN •Uni Ma visualizes  eTe Ne•a as a Substance or Matter it creates Actions in form of functions

… so •Uni Ma trough the IAA Effect (Intention, Attention and Action) creates the entire Universe… Mutliverse.


As •Uni Ma has following Intention

“ the desire to experience itself in infinite possible ways…”

… The Results are AMAZING…

Space and Magnetism are born…. the iFeminine Cosmic Principle

Time and Electricity are born… the iMasculine Cosmic Principle

The Space-Time and Electromagnetism System are born… the iChild Cosmic Principle


in the infinite possibilities of THE INTENTION… YOU are born and so…

The iFeminine is alive in YOU through Your Emotions

The iMasculine is alive in YOU through Your Thoughts

The iChild  is alive in YOU through Your Cosmic Body

As you can see… You are a replica of  •Uni Ma the result of the IAA Effect. I call it Your iSelf 

Do you want to discover the Cosmo through You… as you remember Your iSelf?

Your Quantum (Balanced and Unique) iSelf has the potential to remember, integrate and express up to 55% of your DNA. 

Are you ready?

The Cosmic [i]Courses, [i]Series and [i]Videobooks Online

Discover the Cosmos In You (55a)

Introduction 90min [i]Videobook | 11 usd

With your Intention, Attention, Action and a cosmic support you can change the course of the Future. Experience your Omega, Oneness and Gaia State of Being. Discover the Cosmo in You… as you remember Your Physical, Quantum and Cosmic Self.

Mastering Your Quantum Body (55b)

Volume 1 | 3 hr Cosmic [i]Videobook | 44usd

Remember the Cosmic Pleiadian and Orion iCodes to upgrade your physical body to a Quantum Body. Be the master of your cells as you upgrade every photon in your Body with new consciousness Information. Mastering your Body allows a bold [i]Evolution.

Mastering Your B.E.T. (55c)

Volume 2 | 3 hr Cosmic [i]Videobook | 44 usd

Remember Your Cosmic Body, Emotions and Thoughts. Express your Balance and Unique iSelf. Access to a new consciousness System The Cosmic [i]Boost. I believe that the Mastery of the B.E.T. will change the World dramatically. ARE YOU UP TO IT?

Have your first experience of the Cosmos in You PLAYLIST at TimaluTV (Youtube Channel)

[i] n 1. Constant that describes the quality, quantity and intensity of Pure Consciousness.

[iSelf] n 1. You, in an intimate, conscious and cosmic relationship with your Soul.

[•Uni Ma] n. 1. Ultra Supra Existence 2. “Everything & nothing” simultaneously

[Ni aMe] n. 1. iUltra 2. Highest State of Consciousness.

[eTe Ne•a] n. 1. Supra [i]E 2. Supra [i]Energy 3. Highest Essence of Being  

[iFeminine] (Cosmic Feminine) n 1. Cosmic Principle that allows you to process, integrate & express your Balanced iSelf. 2. State of being that allows you to be grounded, nurtured and aligned. 

[iMasculine] (Cosmic Masculine) n 1. Cosmic Principle that allows you to process, integrate & express your Unique iSelf. 2. State of being that allows you to express (Inner) wisdom, trust and power.

 [iChild] (Cosmic Child) n 1. Cosmic Principle that allows you to process, integrate & express your Cosmic iSelf. 2. State of being that allows you to be resourceful, co-creative and evolving.