The Creator’s Creation Force is in Your Hands!

A special call to spread the dUr-Rna pollen - from the Creator’s flower, a.k.a. the center of the Omniverse - to every corner of the planet.

“Surrender to the unknown because it is only there, where the truly new can be born.”
Ela Ane Amanea
Do you want to become a co-creator in this planetary task?

The dUr-Rna Pollination America Tour starts now, on this year.

Join us for the activations in person or remotely.

Do You feel the Call?


2022 America Tour | FREE EVENT


There are different ways you can be part of all these "dUr-Rna Pollination" activations.


Download the PDF with all the detailed information about your country of choice.

Look for your nearest city and join us. Click on the direct links to get the local information about when (at what time), where, what (what to bring) and how to arrive.

Free event. Voluntary contribution for the guardians of the place where we are going to do the " dUr-Rna downloads". In gratitude for lending us the space.

Europa Tour, 2023 Stay tuned!

The dUR-Rna Wave
Livestreams to get inspired and moved! Get new insights and full information first hand.

Robert Haig Coxon and Lilly Wong Co-Creating the dUr-Rna music and the initial Activation.

Gustavo Amorin from oFarol and Lilly Wong Revealing more about the purpose of the tour and what is happening in Brazil.


Keep an eye on the itinerary above and follow all activation in my Facebook, and Telegram pages. You can join us with your intention.

We are not sure we will be able to livestream all of them directly, but we will try our best. Otherwise we have the intent of recording all of them to share them with you later. But with your intention you will always be co-creating with us in the now.

Here is all you need to know about the“dUr-Rna Pollination” Tour:
It is my cosmic team - a multiversal group of consciousness from the aKhu•na TRIAD, supporting the Umi Na uLa [i]Project of creation here on Earth: “We will present ourselves later in time, but for now, call out our name. Lots of, who you call your guides, are fractals of us near you. We have been with you for longer than you can think. We have been with you since the beginning of the creation of your multiverse, universe, and galaxy.” “Call out our name, Ela Ane Amanea, and in time we will reveal more of ourselves through cosmic messages in the aKhu•na iLanguage.” Ela Ane Amanea
dUr-Rna, as a prime fundamental fractal, has not been on Earth before, till now. (only tiny bits have been here). dUr-Rna is necessary on the Planet to continue evolving and ascending here, on the Galaxy, Universe, and Multiverse. dUr-Rna is the Creator’s RNA. Let’s say it is the Cosmic RNA. You know that RNA is necessary for life to exist. dUr-Rna, as cosmic RNA, is necessary to ascend to the next octave(s), to a new state of consciousness for you and Humanity. It will enable the next upgrade of your DNA. You, Humanity, cannot continue evolving and ascending without having dUr-Rna on Earth. The good news is that dUr-Rna started entering our atmosphere, frequency, and consciousness in 2019. And now is time to “download” more of it.
An activation, harmonization, attunement, alignment, and transmission of dUr-Rna consciousness. Magic, synchronicity, resonance. A major upgrade of your whole system to become a purer conduit to amplify the new. A major moment of surrender into the unknown so the truly “new” can emerge from within. As we all together download dUr-Rna we set our collective intention to charge the purest raw-honeys around the world with this new vibration for the highest purpose of all. Mmmm dUr-Rna honey!
Cosmic wisdom will gather a perfect divine team of Inner Earth, Earth, Intergalactic, Universal, Multiversal beings, and groups of consciousness. Me, the tour coordinators, other co-creators and if you feel it, YOU! Each place is calling for unique co-creative Souls. Each anchor place in the tour will offer a different experience, hence ONE same higher purpose.
dUr-Rna is the Creator’s creation force in the Omniverse, like a cosmic main blueprint, a prime plan, the mother dough. dUr-Rna helps to create life in the entire multiversal, multidimensional, and fractal cosmic system. dUr-Rna codes (transcribes) and decodes (translates) the Multiversal DATA in order to create new micro and macro expressions of the Whole. It’s the Creator's RNA. dUr-Rna \ n \1. Cosmic RNA. 2. The Creator's creation force. 3. Cosmic royal jelly for creation itself.
Let’s visualize cosmic universal love, a.k.a. ti-MaLu_uu, at the center of Source, the Creator or the Omniverse. You can perceive it as delicious nectar from the Creator’s original flower, creating a multiversal honey to nourish the whole creation, including you. This cosmic honey contains pollen of the Omniverse flower, a.k.a. dUr-Rna. The pollen allows for the replica of the cosmic honey in other places around the Multiverses, and also for the CREATION of life itself. And now it is arriving here on Earth to create royal jelly to give birth to a New Human and Humanity. Imagine dUr-Rna as cosmic pollen pouring down, blowing down into Gaia through the cosmic plasma frequency, pollinating the planet with the highest creation force from the Source. WOOWWWW! Cool, right? You, me, the trees, the flowers, the bees, the dragonflies, the birds, the ants, the polar bears, and the elements, as planetary co-creators, become pollinating agents of dUr-Rna on Earth.
For you, who feel an inner call to be a dUr-Rna pollinating agent on Earth. You will be holding the dUr-Rna vibration of Source in your heart, and serve as a conduit through your crystalline and plasma structure. You will be representing the human race, giving permission with your intention and free will for this event to occur. This enhances what Gaia alone is already able to receive and transmit. The more conduits, the more pollinating agents, the more dUr-Rna information can be anchored on Earth and in you. The more anchored dUr-Rna, the more royal jelly we will have access to, and so co-create a new reality on Earth. Together we are able to hold a much higher vibration. Does it make sense?
* Comfortable and suitable clothing. * Comfortable shoes. * Crystals for recharging. * Pure raw honey for recharging. * Water and healthy snacks to share.


Register now, and take advantage of monthly payment options before the workshop!


Download the PDF with all the detailed information about your country of choice.

Every weekend, I will bring you the opportunity to activate these leading edge tools within yourself. If it resonates, please click on the direct links to each city so the organizer of these weekends from the different countries can send you the full pertinent information:

Payment options in monthly instalments in your country's currency or USD . 

2023 Europe Tour Stay tuned! 

Technology aKhu•na
Opportunities at US and Canada. All the details :-)

Lilly Wong The dUr-Rna Pollination Tour Activation and the Workshop.

USA & Canada, ONLINE 24-25th September, 2022

dUr-Rna brings you the opportunity to enhance and upgrade your DNA. You are going to tap into an unknown cosmos. Cool!!!

How about activating the new kind of cosmic tools from aKhu•na:
● To help you to integrate this unknown feeling and make it part of YOU?
● And to support you with the integration and expression of more pieces of your cosmic soul, a.k.a. iSelf?

Let me introduce two of the most rewarding tools I have received for precisely the reasons I have mentioned above during these times of ascension we are living right now:

The [i]Activation of the Cosmic T.t.A. [i]Suit
  • Brought it on Earth in Times of Lemuria and Atlantis, having a first upgrade during Egyptian golden times, and a second one is occurring right now.
  • 3+1(4) Activations: Physical, quantum, multidimensional, and dUr-Rna.
  • ONE Cosmic [i]Suit, but Three [i]Effect (TarMajo-o, tiMaLu_uu, Ana’a Anamaká).
The [i]Activation of the Cosmic [i]Boost
  • The Introduction to the 12+1 (13) consciousness plasma centers in You. For the first time on Earth, ready to help you evolve and ascend.
  • Activates the first 3 centers of consciousness of the Cosmic [i]Boost, through breathing and no breathing exercises.
  • The Cosmic [i]Boost will Change your linear Life into a quantum, multi-D one…
Frequently Asked Questions about [i]Activations of "aKhu•na Technology".
What is the T.t.A. [i]Suit? More information here. The T.t.A. [i]Effect vibrates, resonates, and integrates even the SMALLEST particles of life throughout the ENTIRE universe… multiverse. Here are some of the iSelf benefits you’ll receive from this [i]Effect: * Stronger energy field to strengthen YOU. * Broadened field of consciousness to see, feel, and understand MORE. * Allows you to step OUT of a linear life INTO your timeless Being. * Enhances EVERY other training or energetic technique you’ve EVER used. ONE Cosmic [i]Suit, 3+1(4) Activations. 1 Physical [i]Activation. First time activated in Times of Lemuria when we evolved into the Human Being with 23 Chromosomes. 2 Quantum [i]Activation. Activated in Golden Egyptian Times, before the arrival of the Pharaohs. Here began the DNA mutation to the Potential of Christ-Crystalline Human Being. 3 Cosmic [i]Activation. Being activated now since 2019. It supports the profound changes of our DNA into becoming a Multidimensional-Plasma Human Beings. 4 dUr-Rna [i]Activation. Activated the potential of your Avatar Self for the first time on Earth. ONE Cosmic [i]Suit, Three [i]Effect: a) TarMaJo-o [i]Effect: With this, you’re able to support the transcendence of your Linear Self to your Multidimensional Self — beyond Time (MEMORY) and Space. This is the Cosmic Consciousness Matrix, a holographic representation of SpaceTime(Memory) structure and electromagnetism, and ultimately the foundation of “Matter” and the Cosmic [i]Blueprints. b) ti-MaLu_uu [i]Effect: You’ll allow the energy of Universal Cosmic Love to manifest in and through you — sharing this Love — beyond our earthly understanding, with not only yourself but for everybody and everything else. Your intuition, inner voice, and innate will communicate louder and more transparent with You. As a result, you’ll be able to release any resistance, conscious or unconscious, and change your life within Cosmic order. c) Ana’a Anamaká [i]Effect: Lastly, you will learn to align your human experience with Mother Earth, unlocking Cosmic Gaia inside YOU! This allows you to feel grounded, one with Gaia, and enjoy your life endlessly on Earth.
1. Dolphin Consciousness: "This Suit allows you to travel beyond Time and Space, it allows you to receive and send cosmic messages throughout the Universe and Multiverse. Be careful to consciously choose the intention behind any of the messages". (TarMaJo-o). 2. Eloheim Consciousness: "This Suit is made with Cosmic Love and care for Humanity, it can give you strength in those moments when you feel sorrow, pain or anxiety. It has been created for the highest purpose of all. And at this time it helps to dilute any kind of conscious or unconscious resistance. Use it for yourself and others." (ti-MaLu_uu). 3. Pleiadian Consciousness: "This Suit reminds you of all the gifts we have sown here on Earth for you. It helps you to re-align yourself with Gaia's crystalline centre, the consciousness grids, all the energy systems that you already know, but also those that you will eventually get to know. Use it to recognize yourself as one with GAIA". (Ana'a Anamaká).
This is an opportunity to upgrade into the next level of the [i]Suit, the dUr-Rna layer. So, yes, I encourage you to be part, as you will be able to delve deeper. The result will be an even more profound integration of the Cosmic Suit.
The Cosmic [i]Boost [i]Activation is a breakthrough, a revolution, and a mind-bending tool that helps you to give birth to the New State of Consciousness as an evolved Humanity. The Cosmic [i]Boost [i]Activation worskop will Change your linear Life into a quantum, multi-D one… The Cosmic [i]Boost [i]Activation is a cosmic event that is happening on Earth for the first time. It will change your life by 180◦ - no, wait, probably 360◦ - as It happened to me: * Activates the first 3 centers of consciousness of the Cosmic [i]Boost, through breathing and no breathing exercises. * Helps you to make a strong connection between the T.t.A [i]Suit, and your physical, quantum and cosmic iSelf. * You will have an mp3 to keep activating the Cosmic [i]Boost in you. As it has infinite wisdom waiting for you to unveil. * You will experience the frequency, vibration, and consciousness of the aKhu•na iLanguage. A quick look behind the amazing Cosmic [i]Technology You will remember how to use the I.A.A. [i]Effect consciously within: 1 Consciousness sets an Intention “I” (wish, desire, idea). You will set the Intention for the THREE [i]Centers to be activated in you. 2 Vibration focuses on this unique Intention (Attention “A”). “A” puts the “I” in motion. You will set the THREE activated [i]Centers in Motion, through your Attention (focus). 3 Frequency gives vibration a unique touch (color, quality, intensity) manifesting the original Intention(Action “A”). You will get in touch with your Cosmic Soul to add your Unique touch to the manifesting Action.
Yes, you can attend only the T.t.A. [i]Suit [i]Activation on Saturday for half of the investment. But, you cannot take the Cosmic [i]Boost [i]Activation without having participated the day before. You need to do the T.t.A. [i]Suit activation before doing this next step.
Are you a conscious soul looking for ways to… * Stay grounded throughout every aspect of your life (in a secular world that can try to shake you) * Upgrade your DNA to truly be in touch with your cosmic soul (without feeling like an imposter in your body) * Open up your channeling abilities in resonance with light beings from other dimensions (to connect with ALL your lives) * Wants to become a pioneer while remembering, activating, and integrating the first THREE consciousness centers, a.k.a. the Cosmic [i]Boost. * Has desire towards something extraordinary beyond the impossible. Do you want to transcend Matter, Energy, and Consciousness to merge with your Cosmic Soul? This [i]Event is perfect for you! ARE YOU READY?
2022 America Tour

This type of planetary event requires surrender, conscious alignment, contemplation, inner refinement, and harmonization to release old patterns.

The following 3 options can aid you to clear bodily, mental, and emotional constructs. The highest frequency of cosmic plasma can help you make room for more light and different kinds of consciousness:

1. Dragon Cosmic Plasma [i]Activation: 

Unplug from narratives which dim the expression of your Cosmic Soul, a.k.a. iSelf. They interfere with your total coherence, which affects synchronicity, resonance, and your DNA’s ability to do something new. 

Give birth to a New Cosmic Body in alignment with Cosmic GAIA, the Universe, and Multiverse.

This [i]Activation, in aKhu•na iLanguage, is in my YouTube Channel, Timalu TV. You can experience it over and over again. (ENGLISH)

2. Dragon consciousness [i]Transmission for the Cosmic Mother in you - beyond gender. 

The dragon and fairies cosmic consciousnesses together with Isis, invite you to remember and bring new consciousness, vibration, and frequency information to prepare you as a New Human emerging, recovering your cosmic legacy from the universe... multiverse.

They invite you to integrate the new great potential as Dragonhuman, to be reborn as a Cosmic Mother beyond gender... as a Queen Bee to give birth to a New Human.

This [i]Activation can open doors to cleanse, clear, detoxify, and be in prime condition to receive and facilitate the dUr-Rna pollination.

This [i]Transmission, in aKhu•na iLanguage, is also in my YouTube Channel, Timalu TV. Enjoy it timelessly in the now, an infinite experience is possible! (Bilingual)

3.[i]Activating the dUr-Rna consciousness on Earth. First Step.

This [i]Event happened in 2019 in our lineal time, but it is multidimensional, and therefore, timeless. You can join anytime and have a unique experience in the NOW, in a quantum space.

You can still join and “Download" the new dUr-Rna consciousness into Gaia. You can do so by activating the Mt Etna Dragon Plasma [i]Field and anchoring dUr-Rna through GAIA's Grids, including the Uu Mie te•i•a [i]Network.

Adventure yourself into fine attunements of the new frequency, vibration, and consciousness behind dUr-Rna!

Want to join? Sing up here at the Timalu Academy:


Want to know more about aKhu•na, dUr-Rna, Ela Ane Amanea and the iLanguage?

I am so happy to present you with the first Travel Guide into the Future:

You Are the Omniverse. 12+1(13)
Remember the Birth of your Cosmic Soul.

I will be giving readings during the dUr-Rna Tour, please ask the organizer of your country for more info.

Let's support Beekeeping to spread dUr-Rna throughout the continents!

I am inviting you to support any kind of Bee Organization to support the lives of the Bees around the World.

In each country of the “dUr-Rna Pollination Tour” we will donate a percentage to a local Bee Initiative.

But, today, you can help a farmer to run a beekeeping business for ONE YEAR in order to break the poverty cycle in Kenya together with the B(ee)1G1 World Organization.


I am ready to BUZZzzz! :-)
Hope to see you, feel you or meet you in one way or another. Lilly Wong

Let’s spread the dUr-Rna polen on Earth together!

I strongly believe you have all you need to become a conscious co-creator for the duR-Rna Pollination Tour. BUT, If you still have questions, please write to us. The Timalu Academy Team and I will be happy to answer your questions.

Send us an email with your questions