DNA upgrade for Humanity!

The THIRD Strand of the New Human DNA •

12+1(13) dUr-Rna

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The THIRD strand. A New Human DNA Activation

There is a SEVENTH element of Earth and a THIRD DNA strand.

The new vibration brings us higher octaves of dUr-Rna Peace, dUr-Rna Purity, dUr-Rna Joy, dUr-Rna Strength, dUr-Rna Sweetness, dUr-Rna Beauty… dUr-Rna ONENESS in gratitude.

It took me weeks to digest this planetary, universal, and timeless moment. BUT, I am finally ready to share with you these activations.

Upgrade at a cosmic cellular level your DNA. Vibrate the qualities of New Human DNA 12+1(13) dUr-Rna.




Are you ready to vibrate the multidimensional expression of a New Humankind on Earth?

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What to expect

This event will upgrade your DNA for ever.

You will:

  • Discover what it means to activate the THIRD Multi-D strand of DNA in you.
  • Experience the DNA Activation Journey as part of yours. Let me tell you the story behind it.
  • Enjoy the cosmic guidance of different Earth, Inner-earth, Universal and Multiversal Beings.
  • Get access to the light TEMPLE Code in Mount Etna.
  • Get access to the TWO activations live recorded in Sicily.
  • Enjoy the BONUS message from the Belugas.
Frequently Asked Questions
No, you don’t need any prior knowledge to take the course – everybody is welcome!
To sign up for the course, simply click here, and follow the instructions. To log in once you have already signed up, please follow the instructions we have compiled for you here.
The activations you will experience at the event are frequencies. This means they will be interacting with your unique essence by reading your energetics, Akashic Records, and DNA to give you what your soul needs.
You will also have access to a closed Telegram community, where you can ask questions, share your thoughts, and meet like-minded souls.
If your soul has led you here, I am sure you will love the course. But, if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, you can get a full refund. To be eligible, you need to contact me before downloading any files and within 24 hours after your purchase.
No, you do not need to speak both languages. In fact, it can be helpful if you do not. The purpose of the course being held in both English and Spanish lies beyond merely making it accessible in two languages. The main idea is that, when you listen to a language you do not know, you learn to ‘listen’ to the energy behind the words instead of relying on their familiar meanings. This is also a great preparation for opening yourself up to the cosmic messages I share through light language and codes. So all you need is an open heart and mind.
It is a TIMELESS Planetary Event - recorded live in Sicily. As you will have lifetime access to the course, you will have all the time you need to process, harmonize, and integrate its content. You can review everything at your own pace.
Everything you will need will be provided as part of the course.
Once I receive your payment, you will have lifetime access to your event
Once you download any files, refunds will no longer be possible. If you wish to cancel your purchase, please contact me within 24 hours after your purchase and before downloading any course material.
Please contact us at: support@timaluacademy,com