Embark on the Exciting Journey to Your Lemurian Self

Explore the Great Teaching Wheel From the Stars, and find out how it can help you deepen the connection with your soul. Learn all about the different Codes the Wheel contains and their meanings for your life as an expression of Cosmic Consciousness. Discover who you are beyond this world and have been since the times of Lemuria.


Deepen your human experience

Remember your connection to Lemuria

Unlock your full cosmic potential

About the Great Teaching Wheel From the Stars

The Great Teaching Wheel From the Stars, also called Lemurian Teaching Wheel, is a cosmic tool encoded with the wisdom of Pleiadian Mothers.

It contains different groups of cosmic Codes that can support you in reconnecting with your Lemurian origin.

The Wheel is here to help you remember who you are beyond this world so that you get to live your full soul potential.

The Wheel invites you on a journey deep within to discover the wisdom of the Cosmos that you already carry.

Begin your journey now!

Let the wisdom of the Great Teaching Wheel From the Stars guide you toward a life in alignment with the Cosmos.

In this program (series of courses/modules), you will get all the necessary tools to help you remember who you really are, at the deep core of your being.

Discovering your Lemurian Self will deepen your experience as a human being and unlock the path to living your full cosmic potential.

Lee Carroll and Kryon about the Codes and Lilly Wong

In Hawaii in December 2017, Lee Carroll channeled Kryon and received information about the Lemurian Teaching Wheel for the first time. He named it the Great Teaching Wheel From the Stars.

During this channeling, he perceived different Codes and was told by Kryon that I would be the one who could remember more about them.

So Lee Carroll asked me to channel these Codes.

During my channeling, I remembered that the Codes are Pleiadian cosmic tools that help us express who we are beyond this world and have been since the times of Lemuria.

This is what I call your Lemurian Self

Why this program?

To fully live your potential, it is important to understand who you really are. You are so much more than your physical body in this world. In these modules, I will help you unlock your memory of your cosmic origin and reconnect you with your Lemurian Self.

What do you remember about Lemuria?

Some people say Lemuria is a myth, but I believe that it is a memory that lives in all of us – including YOU! I remember Pleiadian and Lemurian Masters. I remember human beings being able to use up to 77% of their DNA. I remember humans understanding, mastering, and transcending their physical, quantum, and cosmic bodies. And I remember the Lemurian Teaching Wheel being shared by Pleiadian Masters. But what do YOU remember? Embark on a journey with me now to unlock the memory of Lemuria within you.
Discover Your Lemurian Self Now

- Remember your Lemurian origin
- Unlock up to 77% of your DNA
- Connect with the wisdom of Pleiadian and Lemurian Masters
- Learn how to expand your consciousness
- Get ready to live your full soul potential

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Module 1 – The Codes:
Four Online Meetings
27 USD

In this module, you will learn about the Great Teaching Wheel From the Stars and the 24 Codes it contains.

Together with me, you will explore messages from Pleiadian Mothers that can help you remember who you are beyond this world and have been since the times of Lemuria.

Working with the Great Teaching Wheel From the Stars and its Codes, we will reawaken your cellular memory of your Lemurian Self. This will allow you to unfold your full cosmic potential.

Module 2 – Three Levels of Evolution
2-Hour Experience
44 USD

In this module, we will continue our journey together and delve deeper into the Codes and the Great Teaching Wheel From the Stars.

You will discover in more detail how the Wheel works and why it has 5 spokes.

You will learn about the meaning of the Vitruvian Man, how he is evolving, and how he is connected to the Wheel.

You will get to know how many groups the 24 Codes can be divided into and explore their three Levels of Evolution: Energy, Consciousness, and Ascension.

As a fun bonus, you will get to download your personal Wheel and create your own Wheel puzzle.

Module 3 – The Central-Hub Codes
6-Hour Deeper Experience
97 USD

In this module, you will explore the Central-Hub Codes of the Great Teaching Wheel From the Stars, which sit at the core of all the Codes of the Wheel.

You will learn about the three groups these Codes form – the Linkage, the Great Central Sun, and the Synergy Codes – and how these are related to the transference of energy, consciousness, and cosmic wisdom.

Through these Codes, you will get to remember the cosmic potential of eternal evolution.

You will be reminded of your own potential as a cosmic co-creator and invited to open yourself up to the multidimensional and timeless consciousness so that you may embrace and express yourself fully.

Module 4 – The Codes of the Five Spokes
6-Hour Deeper Experience
97 USD

In this fourth and final module, you will learn about the wisdom that lies at the heart of the Five Spokes of the Great Teaching Wheel From the Stars.

You will be empowered to remember, harmonize, and integrate your potential as a cosmic co-creator, mirror, cycle, and consciousness, as well as an expression of cosmic Gaia power.

You will learn how to become the director of your life, let cosmic wisdom shine through in your actions, move between realities and dimensions, expand your consciousness, and celebrate and express your profound connection with Gaia.

You will also get to know more about the cosmic project Umi Na uLa and how the Great Teaching Wheel From the Stars is connected to it.


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Learn about the Great Teaching Wheel From the Stars and how it can help you integrate your Lemurian Self so that you can unfold your full soul potential.

Instantly receive full access to all four modules of the “Lemuria in You” program. Complete the modules (courses) at your own pace.

Pay once, and get lifetime access.

Frequently Asked Questions
No, you don’t need any prior knowledge to take the course – everybody is welcome!
To sign up for the course, simply click here, and follow the instructions. To log in once you have already signed up, please follow the instructions we have compiled for you here.
Everything is pre-recorded. But, since we work with multidimensional energies, you will experience each video as happening in the now. You will also have access to a closed Telegram community, where you can ask questions, share your thoughts, and meet like-minded souls (Lemurians).
There are no rules in multidimensionality. This program is for you, so always follow your inner guidance. Nevertheless, I highly recommend you take the modules in the following order: The Codes, Three Levels of Evolution, The Central-Hub Codes, and The Five Spokes.
If your soul has led you here, I am sure you will love the course. But, if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, you can get a full refund. To be eligible, you need to contact me before downloading any files and within 24 hours after your purchase.
No, you do not need to speak both languages. In fact, it can be helpful if you do not. The purpose of the course being held in both English and Spanish lies beyond merely making it accessible in two languages. The main idea is that, when you listen to a language you do not know, you learn to ‘listen’ to the energy behind the words instead of relying on their familiar meanings. This is also a great preparation for opening yourself up to the cosmic messages I share through light language and codes. So all you need is an open heart and mind.
The entire course consists of about 18 hours of videos and activations, but you can complete everything at your own pace. As you will have lifetime access to the course, you will have all the time you need to process, harmonize, and integrate its content.
Everything you will need will be provided as part of the course.
The activations you will experience in the course are frequencies. This means they will be interacting with your unique essence by reading your energetics, Akashic Records, and DNA to give you what your soul needs.
Once I receive your payment, you will have lifetime access to your course
Once you download any files, refunds will no longer be possible. If you wish to cancel your purchase, please contact me within 24 hours after your purchase and before downloading any course material.
Please contact us at: support@timaluacademy,com
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