Lee Carroll and Kryon about THE CODES and Lilly Wong

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The Lemurian Consciousness in You. Your "I AM" Self beyond time.

The CODES | The Great Teaching Wheel From the Stars

I believe Light is one way that “the Creator, Source, Spirt… for me •Uni Ma ” can send Consciousness Messages to us - Human Beings. 

I believe there is a Cosmic Hard Drive where new Consciousness Information can be store from the Whole Universe … Multiverse. I call it: the Cosmic Consciousness Field Ni aMe oAma 

I believe there is a Cosmic RAM through which all that stored Consciousness Information can be encoded, re-program or retrieved. I call it; the Cosmic Energy Field eTe Ne•a oAma 

I believe there is a Cosmic CPU through which energy functions … LIGHT… quantum photons… can access stored Consciousness information from times of Lemuria. 

When I was asked by Lee Carroll to channell THE CODES for the Lemuria Teaching Wheel I went to the Field to remember and bring them back to our Awareness as a Pleiadian Cosmic Tool to help us to express the I AM, as a result of who we have been since times of Lemuria and where we come from out side this World. 

... sooo Light Language are Cosmic Messages retrieved and transmitted in electromagnetic waves called LIGHT… and it uses the whole spectrum of waves, so we can’t necessary see it… but we can feel it. 

Light Language has not meaning, is conceptual because is multidimensional, but if you open to it you can sense the ESSENCE behind the Cosmic Information Being transfer. 

… By the Way I use iLanguage when I go to co-create something new. It means I go and store New Information in the Cosmic Consciousness Field… but that is another story :-) 


Your Lemurian iSelf has the potential to remember, integrate and express up to 77% of your DNA. Do you recall?

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The CODES | The Lemurian Wheel [i]Series

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VOLUME 1 | THE CODES | Online [i]Events

1 | The CODES

January 16th, 2021 | Live stream [i]Event | FREE

Let's Remember together the 24 CODES from The Great Teaching Wheel. Remember Cosmic Messages from the Pleiadian Mothers about who You have been since times of Lemuria and where you come from outside this World.

2 | THREE Levels of Evolution

January 23rd, 2021 | 2hrs Live stream [i]Event | 36 usd

Remember the THREE Levels of evolution of each CODES group.The level of Energy to harmonize your Systems. The level of Consciousness to remember more of who you are in a cosmic way.

3 | The CENTRAL Hub Codes

February 13-14, 2021 | 2 days Live stream [i]Event | 97 usd

Through these CODES you can remember the Cosmic potential of eternal Evolution as a piece of GAIA and of the Whole. The Seeking Balance, The Great Central Sun and The Synergy CODES. Let's do it together!

4 | The FIVE Spokes Codes

March 13-14, 2021 | 2 days Live stream [i]Event | 97 usd

These Codes have the potential to transfer Pleiadian wisdom about: Your Cosmic Potential, Your Super Powers Potential, Your Human Expression Potential, Your Oneness Potential and Your Eternal Cosmic Love Potential. Let's remember together!