The Lemurian Consciousness in You.

Mir Ti aLe

Lemuria in You [i]Journey

Lemuria in You…Myth or Memory?
I believe it is a memory in YOU.

Lemuria… The beginning of Humankind as we know it now?
I believe it is a non-linear turning point in Human evolution, a multidimensional cycle.

Lemuria... Is still alive?
I believe we are now experiencing a new kind of Lemuria, as a whole Planet. ⁣

Lee Carroll calls it...

“The Great Teaching Wheel from the Stars.”

Your Lemurian iSelf has the potential to remember, integrate and express up to 77% of your DNA. Do you recall?

In December 2017, in Hawaii, Lee Carroll channeled for the first time information about the Wheel. As he was channeling, he could perceive some Codes, and Kryon told him I would be the one remembering them.

When I was asked by Lee Carroll to channel THE CODES for the Lemurian Teaching Wheel, I remembered this Wheel being a Pleiadian Cosmic Tool to help us to express the I AM, as a result of who we have been since times of Lemuria and where we come from outside this World:

What I call your Lemurian iSelf.

Lee Carroll and Kryon about THE CODES and Lilly Wong

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What do you remember from Lemuria?
  • I remember the Pleiadian and Lemurian Masters.
  • I remember Humans Beings able to use up to 77% of their DNA.
  • I remember Humans understanding, mastering and transcending their physical, quantum and cosmic bodies.
  • I remember the Lemurian Wheel being shared by Pleiadian Masters through the iCodes.
  • I remember the Cosmic [i]Matrix as the consciousness universal membrane.
On the video below I tell you, how I started to remember the CODES behind the Wheel and my own Lemurian iSelf.
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The CODES | The Lemurian Wheel [i]Series

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1 | The CODES (77a)

Series of 4 [i]Meetings | 17 usd

Let's Remember together the 24 CODES from The Great Teaching Wheel. Remember Cosmic Messages from the Pleiadian Mothers about who You have been since times of Lemuria and where you come from outside this World.

2 | THREE Levels of Evolution (77b)

2hrs [i]Videobook | 36 usd

Remember the THREE Levels of evolution of each CODES group.The level of Energy to harmonize your Systems. The level of Consciousness to remember more of who you are in a cosmic way.

3 | The CENTRAL Hub Codes (77c)

6 Hrs [i]Videobook | 97 usd

Through these CODES you can remember the Cosmic potential of eternal Evolution as a piece of GAIA and of the Whole. The Seeking Balance, The Great Central Sun and The Synergy CODES. Let's do it together!

4 | The FIVE Spokes Codes (77d)

6 Hrs [i]Videobook | 97 usd

Remember Your Powers as Cosmic Co-creator, Mirror, Cycle, Consciousness and Gaia. allow you to upgrade your consciousness. Ready to transform your Life with the support of the Lemurian and Pleiadian Masters?