The Journey continues… after the experience of THE THREE Levels of Evolution, we are ready to remember, harmonize and integrate the iCodes in the HUB.

How about remember, harmonize and integrate:

  • Your Cosmic Co-creator Power: to create your world, your reality, to be the director of your life,
  • Your Cosmic Mirror Power: to reflect Everything and Nothing in each of your actions,
  • Your Cosmic Cycle Power: to move between realities, dimensions and space in cosmic other,
  • Your Cosmic Consciousness Power: to allow you to upgrade your consciousness, and
  • Your Cosmic GAIA Power: to become aware of your relationship with Gaia, in Gaia, of you as Gaia?

Ready to transform with the support of the Lemurian and Pleiadian Masters?

(By the way, if you haven’t experienced THE THREE Levels of Evolution yet, please do so, because the intention of this [i]Event is to continue the [i]Journey from where we left it there. Here is the direct link.)

The Great Teaching Wheel from the Stars 

 The FIVE Spokes Codes

Where: Join us quantumly by watching the recordings.


LET's Co-create a New Cosmic [i]Event together! 

Cosmic [i]Event

NOTE: This Cosmic [i]Event is bilingual in English and Spanish! If you wish to live the experience in Portuguese and Italian send us an email to


The FIVE Spoke Codes | Cosmic [i]Event 4



    2. FOREWORD 02 | SUPPORT | Co-Creative [i]Videobook

    3. PRE-REQUISITE | The iCodes of The Lemurian Teaching Wheel

    1. 01.01 | Your Cosmic [i]Tools - Print before watching the video

    2. 01.02 | Your Personal Wisdom [i]Book | Print before watching the Video

    1. C2.1 | Watch the recording of the Livestream | Click here | Part 1

    2. C2.2 | Watch the recording of the Livestream | Click here | Part 2

    3. C2.3 | Watch the recording of the Livestream | Click here | Part 3

    4. C2.4 | Watch the recording of the Livestream | Click here | Part 4

    5. C2.5 | Watch the recording of the Livestream | Click here | Part 5

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    1. 05.01 | We appreciate your TIME and your CREATIVE collaboration.

About this [i]Experience

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  • 15 lessons
  • 6 hours of video content

Lemuria in You

The full [i]Series | Volume 1 | THE CODES

Lemuria in You…Myth or Memory? I believe it is a memory in YOU. Lemuria… The beginning of Humankind as we know it now? I believe it is a non-linear turning point in Human evolution, a multidimensional cycle. Lemuria.. Is still alive? I believe we are now experiencing a new kind of Lemuria, as a whole Planet. Do you want to express your Lemurian iSelf in the Now? Let’s remember together!