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Technology aKhu•na

iCycle [i]Activation SIX

If you want to be one with the Omniverse, the Creator, Source… The iCycle [i]Activation SIX is here to help you… Be Pliable! Enjoy swimming through the Universe, and Multiverse as One!


iFreedom [i]Activation FIVE

If you want to be one with the Omniverse, the Creator, Source… The iFreedom [i]Activation FIVE is here to help you... Summon the consciousness of Lyra.


iGaia [i]Activation FOUR

If you want to be one with the Omniverse, the Creator, Source… The iGaia [i]Activation FOUR is here to help you... Be Oneness. Be Amazed.


iRegeneration [i]Activation THREE

If you want to be one with the Omniverse, the Creator, Source… The iRegeneration [i]Activation THREE is here to help you... Be the next generation of yourself.


iResourcefulness [i]Activation TWO

If you want to be one with the Omniverse, the Creator, Source… The iResourcefulness [i]Activation TWO is here to help you experience the Echo of “Silence”!


iPeace [i]Activation ONE

Don’t you wish to become multidimensional and experience your Avatar iSelf potential? Isn't it time to walk into the next level of consciousness, i.e., dimensional awareness? Not to mention, you can enjoy multidimensionality already within each cell


Avatar iSelf [i]Activation THIRTEEN

If you want to enjoy a multidimensional boost of the “I AM”… The Avatar iSelf [i]Activation THIRTEEN is here to support you. It helps in the total ascension upgrade of your iSelf and to nourish yourself with a Cosmic Universal Love shower ”ti-MaLu_uu


Technology aKhu•na

Body Upgrade [i]Activation | Umi Na uLa 12+1 (13)

Umi Na uLa | Give (program) your Innate with new Consciousness Instructions by harmonizing your Physical, Quantum and Cosmic Body. Be bathed with the Consciousness, Frequency and Vibration of Cosmic Universal Love "ti-MaLu_uu" and "i No_a". ENJOY!


Triad Upgrade [i]Activation | Umi Na uLa 12+1 (13)

Umi Na uLa | The iFeminine, iMasculine & iChild are alive in YOU. Allow to upgrade your Balance Self, your Unique Self & tap into your Cosmic Self by harmonizing within yourself the infinite layers of expression of these 3 Cosmic Principles. EXPAND!


iSelf Upgrade [i]Activation | Umi Na uLa 12+1 (13)

Umi Na uLa | Feel qualities of the Pleiadian and Orion Consciousness - that have never before on earth. Have a taste of the New Human as you harmonize your physical, quantum, cosmic iSelf. How about a New Cosmic Rebirth every day? AMAZING!



The Aid Kit for the New Human

iSelf, Cosmic Triad & Innate Upgrade [i]Activations

Technology aKhu•na

3 Cosmic Mini [i]Activations 12+1 (13) | TarMaJo-o ti-MaLu_uu Ana'a Anamaká

Umi Na uLa | Remembering the frequency, light and consciousness of the three main ingredients behind the Cosmic Suit T.t.A. Remembering the Pleiadian, Dolphin and Eloheim consciousness in You. Enjoy!


Cosmic T.t.A. Suit [i]Activation 12+1 (13)

Umi Na uLa | Are You Ready to Activate THREE layers of the Cosmic Suit to Feel MORE Grounded and Stronger, While Ultimately Being Unified, Clarified, and Expanded…


El [i]Traje Cósmico T.t.A. LA INTEGRACIÓN DE SIGUIENTE NIVEL - 12+1 (13)

¿Estás preparado para el siguiente nivel, tu ser multiversal? El [i]Traje T.t.A. es una de esas herramientas, que nos está ayudando a aprovechar más porcentaje del ADN - más allá de lo que indica la norma. CUARTO ACTIVO - Tu Yo Avatar 99% ADN.


Technology aKhu•na Activation

Let me introduce two of the most rewarding tools I have received from a multiversal group of consciousness Ela ane Amanea. They can support you with the integration and expression of more pieces of your cosmic soul.


The Cosmic T.t.A. Suit - NEXT LEVEL TRAINING - 12+1(13)

Do you want to have the Ultimate experience of the Cosmic Suit transcending Matter, Energy, and Consciousness… merging with your Cosmic Soul?! You are FOUR STEPS AWAY to become a a Certified [i]Facilitator of this COSMIC GIFT for Humanity.