[Umi Na uLa] 

1. The New Human 2. New Humanity 3. New Planetary Reality 4. New Universe.


n 1. You, in an intimate, conscious and cosmic relationship with your Soul.


1. Transmission of specific iEnergy to harmonize your iSelf in order to cleanse, transform and either awake dormant frequencies or integrate new ones.

I "Knew" after the December Solstice 2019 new frequencies were going to enter our Planet in a BIG WAY. Vibrations and Consciousness  that have never been on earth before.

But even when  I knew... I was totally blown away as I get in touch with them ... they are truly new :-)

At the monthly [i]Reunions:  we were given tree amazing Cosmic [i]Activations to support  YOU as a New Human. Upgrade you Physical Self. Remember your Quantum Self. Tap into your Cosmic Self. 

Evolution has change gears bringing new consciousness on earth. These [i]Activations support the integration process  as part of Your personal and collective [i]Evolution.

Ela Ane Amanea recommended to put these available for anyone who resonates and wants to have a great [i]Tool for the next  years to come.

Make it part of your Consciousness Tools backpack. Express the Cosmos in You!

I really believe we have now a great potential to become a New Human... a New Humanity

Can you feel it?

The Cosmic Upgrade Kit for the New Human | Umi Na uLa have 3 [i]Activations in total. This is the first one Ela Ane Amanea has shared:

iSelf Upgrade [i]Activation

The Cosmos in YOU...

Feel qualities of the Pleiadian and Orion Consciousness - that have never before on earth. Have a taste of the New Human "Umi Na uLa" as you harmonize your physical, quantum & cosmic iSelf. How about a New Cosmic Rebirth every day? AMAZING!

[Ela Nea Ama] 

n 1. Consciousness Cosmic Council of light guiding and supporting the Birth of the New Human. 2. 12+1 Councils of Light from the Universe & Multiverse.


n 1. Pure [Ultra] Consciousness technology to support the process of transition towards a New Reality.


Cosmic [i]Proteins for your iSelf 

100% Pure & organic Cosmic iLanguage (Light Language)


Download the [i]Activation and listen to it once week for at least 3 months. After that listen to it any time you feel like having any kind of challenges processing and integrating the New Frequencies, Vibrations & Consciousness. Also when you feel you have difficulties to move forward in your own path of [i]Evolution.