I believe together we can co-create a new Reality... do you?

Every time you invest in your own Journey of conscious Evolution at the [i]Academy for the New Human|Umi Na uLa, the  Timalu Academy  takes action in co-creating a NEw World.

eTe Ne•a•Uni Ma,


Together we have made already this impact

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In the energy field - individual and collective; One of the energy blockages that "I see, perceive, recognize" - to be able to express completely  the iSelf in balanced, Unique and Cosmic- , is the one that is formed by living an act of abuse - emotional, physical or sexual. 

So, every time you invest in YOU, I invest to protect and eradicate this kind of experience around the World...... 

Co-creating a beautiful cycle of deLIGHT!


Lilly )*(

Timalu Academy | Voices of the Eloheim | Uu Mie te•i•a

We believe that Art creates opportunities to express the individual and collective iVoice. It can change the World.

[iVoice] n 1. Voice of Consciousness  2. Your Soul Expression beyond time, space & dimension.

Every time you collaborate on a planetary project, we invest 13% to give children the opportunity to express themselves through Art.

Co-creating a beautiful !

eTe Ne•a,

Robert & Lilly

WE are supporting all together

These are some of the projects that we are already supporting together, but you might feel to support even more on your own, B1G1 makes it easy for you: