I believe together we can co-create a new Reality... do you?

Every time you invest in your own Journey of conscious Evolution at the [i]Academy for the New Human|Umi Na uLa, the  Timalu Academy  takes action in co-creating a NEw World.

eTe Ne•a•Uni Ma,


Together we have made already this impact

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In the energy field - individual and collective; One of the energy blockages that "I see, perceive, recognize" - to be able to express completely  the iSelf in balanced, Unique and Cosmic- , is the one that is formed by living an act of abuse - emotional, physical or sexual. 

So, every time you invest in YOU, I invest to protect and eradicate this kind of experience around the World...... 

Co-creating a beautiful cycle of deLIGHT!


Lilly )*(

Timalu Academy | Voices of the Eloheim | Uu Mie te•i•a

We believe that Art creates opportunities to express the individual and collective iVoice. It can change the World.

[iVoice] n 1. Voice of Consciousness  2. Your Soul Expression beyond time, space & dimension.

Every time you collaborate on a planetary project, we invest to give children the opportunity to express themselves through Art.

Co-creating a beautiful !

eTe Ne•a,

Robert & Lilly