Timalu Academy presents an original [i]Series

The dUr-Rna Consciousness in You. Your Avatar iSelf

Uu Mie te•i•a | Co-creating a New [i]Grid for Umi Na uLa

The Eloheim, an angelic group consciousness, guardians of cosmic portals, are a catalyst for the new and the builders of the universe as we know it. 

The Dragons are Cosmic Beings ready to support our Human process of evolution. They bring within themselves cosmic attributes, that the New human is ready to iRemember. 

The Seraphim, another angelic group consciousness, guardians of the Galaxy, Universe and Multiverse.

The Eloheim, The Dragons and The Seraphim are now gathering a group of Souls, like you, who feel the call to join with them in co-creating a CONSCIOUSNESS GRID IN GAIA for the New Human ... a New World... a New Humanity Umi Na uLa. 

The Leading Cast in this [i]Series is GAIA and YOU... 

Do You feel the call?

Your Avatar iSelf has the potential to remember, integrate and express 99% of your DNA. Can you imagine?

Voices of the Eloheim THE WHOLE [i]SERIES (99 S1-5)

The 5 Seasons explained and experienced | 44 usd

Follow the whole [i]Series. The Leading Cast YOU. The Eloheim, The Dragons and The Seraphim are gathering a group of Souls, like you, who feel the call to join with them in co-creating a CONSCIOUSNESS GRID IN GAIA Uu Mei te•i•a for a Humanity.

[Uu Mie te•i•a ] n 1. Co-creation of a new [i]Grid for the New Human Umi Na uLa 2. Seeding the Umi Na uLa frequencies into our DNA and all of Gaia’s grids 3. Cosmic embryonic support for the New Human emerging. 

[Umi Na uLa ] n 1. The New Human 2. New Humanity 3. New Planetary Reality 4. New Universe. 

[i]Activation n 1. Transmission of specific iEnergy to harmonize your iSelf in order to cleanse, transform and either awake dormant frequencies or activate new kind of [i]Information within.


S1 | THE ONE WITH THE [i]Disks (99c)


The Crystalline and Rainbow Consciousness in You. Your physical and quantum Self. Your Balanced and Unique iSelf.

  • iRemembering from ancient times of Lemuria, Atlantis & Egypt. Main point occurs under Pyramids around GAIA
  • Harmonizing the Cosmic Principles of the iFeminine and iMasculine within to create the Yin-Yang effect in You and in the World
  • Discover your Balance iSelf & Unique iSelf
  • Preparing the anchoring of the iChild Cosmic Principle in a Planetary way

Season 1 | Episode Itinerary

S1:E1 Cozumel, Uxmal & Tulum - Mexico

S1:E2 Mataveri Rano Kau, Volcano Puakatike & Volcano Terevaka - Easter Island

S1:E3 Machu Picchu, Ayacucho & Lake Titikaka- Peru/Bolivia

S1:E4 La Maná, Llanganates National Park, The Pyramids of Cochasqui - Ecuador

S1:E5Nakhodka, Mount Pidan & Russky Island - Russia

S1:E6 Elk Mountains, Santa Fe & Salt Lake City - USA

S1:E7 Kaimanawa Forest Park, Mount Taranaki & Raglan - New Zealand

 S1:E8 North Berwick Law - United Kingdom, Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park & Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

S1:E9 Laurentian Mountains, Mc Donald Lake at Halliburton Forest & Triquet Island - Canada

S3:E10 Fujian Lake, The White Pyramid, Xi’an & Aohan Banner - China

S3:E11 Dead Sea - Israel, Userkaf Pyramid - Egypt, Petra - Jordan

S3:E12 Yonaguni Island - Japan, Wake Island - USA, Yushan National Park - Taiwan

S3:E13 Pyramid of the Moon, Pyramid of the Sun, Pyramid of the Dragon - Bosnia


S2 | THE ONE WITH THE Dragon Plasma [i]Fields (99d)


The Plasma Consciousness in You. Your Balanced and Unique iSelf.

  • iRemembering from future times - first time on Earth. Main occurs under Volcanos around GAIA.
  • Harmonizing the Cosmic Principle of the iChild within to go Beyond Yin-Yang effect in You and in the World.
  • Integrate and express your Cosmic iSelf.
  • Inner earth beings & the Dragon consciousness will be leading and supporting this [i]Activations.
  • The [i]Alignments with every Equinox and Solstice

Season 2 | Episode Itinerary

S2:E1 Mount Erebus - Antarctica | September Equinox 2019

S2:E2 Mount Merapi - Indonesia | March Equinox 2020

S2:E3 Mount Etna - Italy | Summer Solstice 2020

S2:E4 Eyjafjallajökull - Iceland | September Equinox 2020

S2:E5Kilauea, Hawaii - USA | Winter Solstice 2020

S2:E6Piton de la Fournaise , La Reunion Island - France

S2:E7Galeras - Colombia | Summer Solstice 2021

 S2:E8 Taal - Philippines | September Equinox 2021

S2:E9 Sangay - Ecuador | Winter Solstice 2021

S2:E10 Mount Futji - Japan | March Equinox 2022

S2:E11 Manaro Voui, Island of Ambae - Vanuato | Summer Solstice 2022

S2:E12 Mount Nyiragongo - Rep. of the Congo | September Equinox 2022

S2:E13 Popocatepetl, Iztaccihuatl & Nevado de Toluca - Mexico


S3 | THE ONE WITH THE [i]Pillars (99 I - XIII)


The dUr-Rna Consciousness in You. Your Avatar iSelf

  • iRemembering from future times - Entering [i]Energies for the first time on Earth
  • Downloading the [i]Attributes for the New Human, a New Humanity and a New Reality
  • Get in Touch with your Avatar iSelf
  • Every time you become a [i]Pillar yourself to download and anchor 1) an Eloheim [i]Formula, 2) a Venus Cosmic [i]Imprint and 3) an Isis [i]Code
  • The more we integrate these new frequencies, the more we will be able to discover the essence behind them.

Quantum Cosmic Portal (99 I-IV)

Season 3 | Voices of the Eloheim

Uu Mie te•i•a | THE ONE WITH THE QUANTUM COSMIC PORTAL is a doorway allowing YOU and humanity to evolve from a more physical, lineal, consciousness to a quantum awareness. A door to ascend from a Physical/Lineal Self to a Quantum Self. Do you feel the call?

Season 3 | Episode Itinerary

S3:E1 Ek' Balam - Mexico | iRebirth | November 11th, 2018 

S3:E2 Amantaní Island, Lake Titicaca- Peru | iRegeneration  | June 6th, 2019 

S3:E3 Maríuhellar Caves - Iceland | iGaia | December 21st, 2019 

S3:E4 Poike Volcano - Easter Island | iFreedom | June 13th, 2020 

S3:E5 Osirion Temple - Egypt | iCycle | September 13th, 2020 

S3:E6 Derinkuyu Underground City - Turkey | iPeace | May 5th 2021 

S3:E7 Ruakuri Cave, New Zealand - New Zealand | iCosmos | October 5th ,2021

 S3:E8 Mount Erongo, Dorob National Park -Namibia | iCommunication | March 6th, 2022 

S3:E9 Perfume Pagoda - Vietnam | iCreation | June 6th, 2022 

S3:E10 Hill of Tara - Ireland | iKinesis | September 6th, 2022 

S3:E11 Arctic Ocean - Nord Pole | iEvolution | July 7th, 2023 

S3:E12 Antarctica - South Pole - South Pole | iResourcefulness | August 8th, 2024 

S3:E13 Tango Gompa Monastery - Buthan |iSynergy | September 9th, 2025


S4 | THE ONE WITH THE Planetary [i]Events (99)


The Universal...Multiversal ... Omniversal Consciousness in You. Your Co-creative iSelf

  • Downloading the [i]Dives & [i]Tools for the New Human, a New Humanity and a New Reality.
  • Downloading the [i]Blueprint for the New Human, a New Humanity and a New Reality.

Season 4 | Episode Itinerary

S4:E1 Portoroz, Slovenia | [i]Blueprint for the New Humanity - The Beginning | PART 1 | April 18th-21st, 2019

S4:E2 Ocotitlán, Mexico | Interstellar [i]Antenna for the New Humanity | November 16 -17th, 2019

S4:E3 Mt Etna - Sicily,Italy | [i]Activating the dUr-Rna consciousness on Earth | June 20 -21th, 2019

S4:E4 Ocotitlán, Mexico | [i]Blueprint for the New Humanity - The dUr-Rna Consciousness | PART 2 | September11th-13th, 2020

S4:E5 Switzerland | [i]Blueprint for the New Humanity - (waiting for Info) | PART 3 | 11th-13th March, 2022

S4:E6 Pyramids in Bosnia | [i]Blueprint for the New Humanity - (waiting for Info) | PART 4 | (waiting for Info)

Blueprint for the New Humanity | S4:E1 Voices of the Eloheim

Cosmic [i]Co-creations with Friends

Join 1550 Souls from around the Worlds as we download the New Blueprint for a New Humanity. With Stargate (Julieanne, Prageet y Robert Haig Coxon.


S5 | THE ONE WITH THE [i]Choir (99)



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