Are You Ready to Unleash Your Avatar Self and Help Co-Create a New Humanity...
…by remembering, integrating, and expressing 99% of your DNA?
Blueprint for a New Humanity | Part 3
Uu Mie te-i-a
Season 4: Episode 5

Here’s your opportunity to Co-Create quantumly and…

Upgrade your DNA to begin living as your highest Self
Join a community whose mission is to build a New World together
Learn how to move from your Quantum Self to your Multidimensional Self

You have already activated so much in the past years in both your physical and quantum Self. You also have become one with the quantum portal… and you've begun building a New Humanity. WOW!

And, now… You’re ready for the next step

…so, let’s do it!

Co-creators INVITATION

Ornai, Kai, Lilly Wong & Pablo Galetto
on their Blueprint Part 3 experiences
3-Day Event SNEAK PEEK

Your Blueprint for a New Humanity: PART 3… Move from your Quantum Self to your Multidimensional Self.

DAY 01
Remember the wisdom from the Consciousness of Lyra
DAY 02
Introducing the Lemurian, Atlantean, and Pleiadian Masters.
DAY 03
Upgrade your DNA to begin living as your Highest Self or Super Consciousness.
DAY ONE - Remember the wisdom from the Consciousness of Lyra

Multidimensional Co-creation towards the New Humanity.

Sound Consciousness. Cleansing the mind with Cosmic Frequencies.

The Symphony of the Unified Field (Universal Consciousness).

Integrating the -I am-. The Experience of the Creator Self.

The Consciousness of the Multiverse vs. the Galaxy.

The Holographic Master Plane of the Cosmic Self, your multidimensional Self. Unifying the pieces of the puzzle.

The Uu Mie te-i-a Grid. Fractal of your Avatar SELF. And its 3+1 (4) ingredients: The 12+1(13) Disks of Lemuria, 12+1(13)Plasma Fields, and 12+1(13) Pillars of the New Consciousness.
The consciousness of Lira. Evolution of humanity.

Evolution: integrating the Feminine (Lemuria) and Masculine (Atlantis) Energy in humanity. Towards the Androgynous Being creating the New Lemuria or New Humanity.

The physical body. A multidimensional portal to Oneness.

Presentation of the dolphin consciousness code to cleanse the emotional field and connect with the Crystalline Grid of Gaia.

  • Receive the opening message of the Jaguar Consciousness.
  • Experience a harmonization of the emotional and physical plane with the support of the consciousness of jaguars, dolphins, and mermaids.
  • Integrate a new level of love.
  • Incorporate—remember—into your body system the Eloheim, Seraphim, Cetacean and Dragon consciousness, along with the Lyra consciousness.
  • Enjoy planetary activations with the guidance of the Cosmic Mothers, the Solar Council and the Arcturians.
  • Activate the etheric Crystals.
  • Co-create this group and planetary activation together with the earthly co-creators, and also with the consciousness of Merlin, the guiding dragon, and the realm of dragons.
  • Receives guidance from Kwan Yin, Isis, and the Eloheim. Originates and weaves the third layer of the Master Plane for the New Humanity from Agartha (Inner Earth).
  • Participate in the activation of the Diamond Platinum Ray in you.

Co-creators INVITATION

Robert Coxon and Alexander Menshikov on their Blueprint Part 3 experiences
DAY TWO - Introducing the Lemurian , Atlantean and Pleiadian Masters.

Introduction of the dUr-Rna Consciousness. The seventh new element on earth for the creation of a new humanity.

The 3+1 (4) Grids on Gaia. The new Uu Mie te-i-a Consciousness Grid to spread dUr-Rna.

Presentation of the dolphin consciousness code for the release and healing of shadows from the past. And the code for connection with the consciousness of Lira.

The Heart: the core essence of the universe, a key to the multidimensional field.
Synchronicity: everything moves towards harmony.

Presentation of the Elohim connection code. Communication and communion between the kingdoms in nature. Reconciling the Mother and the Father within.

  • Unify the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine. Integrate the wisdom of Lemuria and Atlantis.
  • Activates the pineal gland with accompanying Mermaid and Triton consciousness for greater telepathic connection.
  • Advance from three-dimensional consciousness to the quantum and multidimensional field.
  • Activates the Elohim connection code with the 5 elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether), restoration of the body through Kundalini energy.
  • Integrates sapphire blue and emerald green energy.
  • Awaken stellar seeds in you from the anchoring with the consciousness of Mother Earth.
  • Co-create this group and planetary activation "Spreading the Eloheim Wings" together with the earthly co-creators, also with the assistance of Lyra, Andromeda, Orion, Dragons and Arcturians.
  • Receive and share the cosmic honey vibrating the new seed of the New Humanity with the support of the consciousness of the Bees.

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DAY THREE - Upgrade your DNA to begin living as your Highest Self or Super Consciousness.

Introduction to the innate and the code in Light Language i No_a. The intelligence of the body. The power of intention. The cosmos in you.

Gaia: a living library of the multiverse.
Presentation of the dolphin consciousness code for the connection with innocence, the cosmic child and the seed.

The consciousness of the bees: co-creation and compassion in action.

  • Harmonize your mind, emotions, and body as a bridge to connect with the entire Universe… Integrating your Cosmic Child.
  • Participate in the activation to awaken the seed of the “Cosmic Child” in you. Receive the support of 12+1(13) Masters of Pleiades, Lemuria and Atlantis.
  • Activate and integrate the codes coming from the Andromeda consciousness: the “Best Potential”, and “Extend the lines”. To let go and transcend limitations and connect with the best expression of your Self from the heart.
  • Meditate with the intention to create more coherence and synchronicity in you. You will remember the importance of grounding in the process of evolution and ascension.
  • Co-create and celebrate in joy the final group and planetary activation together with the earthly co-creators, as well as with the consciousness of the Dolphins, Unicorns, Pegasus, Eloheim, Seraphim and Antares Beings. Integrate all the fractals of your Soul and Gaia Consciousness, in connection with each of the layers of the grids on the Planet.
MEET the futuristic Co-creators

“I am happy to be joining on this journey, combining traditional and progressive spiritual knowledge, sublime energy, and deep connection with the Earth. With the courageous guides leading this ceremony, I am ready to manifest love for the planet, feeling Gaia’s love.”

Alexander As a psychologist, researcher, and author of training programs to develop mindfulness and metaphysical sciences, Alexander left his previous business in marketing at 21 to devote himself to his spiritual process.

He took this time to study practical psychology methods regarding spiritual teaching and practices professionally. Now he regularly leads live and online meetings and consistently produces new conversations on his YouTube channel.

“After performing the Activation and Anchoring of the Pillars of Consciousness and the 4 Principles (Love, Joy, Unity, and Cooperation) at the last Blueprint: Part 2, we are ready to connect and align the Cosmic Consciousness by activating the Light Body through Cosmic frequencies.”

Kai & Ornai Kai loves to be connected to other dimensions to help others find a more extensive perspective on Life. Including Quantum holoforms, every commitment he makes is completed with passion and dedication.

Ornai brings motivation and strength through wisdom and questions. She pulls subtle energies from other dimensions to be transmitted and rooted, allowing her to stay grounded and teach others to do the same.

--> Go to their website:

“The collective energies of an event like this, which opens portals, allows me to complete his sacred mission and bring the music of pure consciousness. I am honored to be joining this New Blueprint journey by providing sounds, melodies, and harmonies that will help you transform.”

Robert Robert Coxon is a world-renowned musician and composer of meditative, healing, and Kryon channel music. After music and meditation helped him recover from a minor health crisis, he realized he could begin creating music that would help people transform their lives.

Although he lives north of Montreal, Canada, on top of the sacred Mont Gabriel, Robert travels the world to perform and teach through his healing music. He additionally enjoys writing music for film and television when he isn’t on tour.

--> Go to his website:

“We were once aware that we are all One. After being invited to join this Blueprint for a New Humanity, I felt this to be even more true. I can perceive a door opening up for co-creation from a unified heart. It is a portal for the awakening to Unity with the Soul, so we can all meet again and share.”

Pablo Since he was a child, Pablo has always been present in the Spiritual world. Through self-knowledge, personal growth, and spiritual development, Pablo has learned to take mastery of his abilities and trust himself as a resourceful being at all levels.

His relationship with the Dolphins began in 2014, which first allowed him to see himself as a whole Cosmic Being. He then downloaded the Dolphin Consciousness Codes and also channelled this divine energy coming from the Source for individual or group sessions.

“ I believe it is time we start co-creating together in one-ness. This whole project is to co-create a new reality where everyone evolves and ascends as one humanity, one universe, and one multiverse. It is my greatest pleasure to be a part of this planetary event.”

Lilly Lilly is a cosmic doula who facilitates the transformation of the New Human within You. She brings forward future consciousness tools to help you remember, integrate, and express all of your Cosmic Soul’s potential.

To achieve a new collective state of consciousness, Lilly knows we must enhance our individual iSelf, to allow us to set higher intentions to unleash our entire Self as individual and humanity. She is the founder of the t-MaLu_uu Academy, Creations, and TV to provide new cosmic tools.

--> Go to her page:

John is a special guest who will be providing 10-15 minute videos around this Blueprint event through Cymatics. He is an English acoustics pioneer, scientist, and inventor, with a mission to teach Cymatics (visible sound) to the world.

John Stuart Reid He knows that seeing sound is what allows us to truly understand the omnipresent aspects of our Universe. His research includes echolocation with dolphins and has been published in the Journal of Marine Biology.

--> Go to her webpage:
John Stuart Reid, and co-creators of Timalu Academy: Pablo Galetto, Jovisa Sandoval, Moni Ninel, Paty Proal, Paloma Ostos, and Valentina Tognetti

[i]Activation of the T.t.A. suit:
Emphasis on the cosmic body and digestive system.

Science and Spirituality with John Stuart Reid:

"The Creative Force of the Cosmos" … Sound


[i]Activation of the T.t.A. suit:
Emphasis on the physical and peripheral nervous body.

Science and Spirituality with John Stuart Reid:
"The effects of Eloheim music and consciousness in the blood". Resurrection of the Cells.


[i]Activation of the T.t.A. suit:
Emphasis on the quantum body.

Science and Spirituality with John Stuart Reid:
Analysis of the Eloheim song “Be U Be Me Be LOVE”. Total change of the Energy Field.

Patty Proal • Pablo Galetto • Jovisa Sandoval • Valentina Tognetti • Paloma Solano • Moni Bañales
Los [i]Co-creadores del Plano Maestro para una Nueva Humanidad

Paty Proal

Paloma Solano
Meet Your Universal Guides. The Cosmic Co-creators
  • Eloheim, Seraphim, and Dragon Consciousness continue to lead this ceremony…
  • Messages from Merlin, Talkun, Whales, Arcturians, Isis & Osiris, Solar Council, Mother Whale, Ela Ane Amanea, Lady Venus Kumara, The Grandmother Turtle, Jesus and Maria Magdalene.
  • You’re also meeting with the Lemurian, Atlantean, and Pleiadian Masters.
  • The Lyra Consciousness in You
Meet Your GAIA Guides. The Earth Co-creators
  • You are Gaia; we are Gaia. So, as one with Gaia, let’s begin to truly transform and transcend into a New Humanity.
  • Co-create with the: Sun, Moon, Venus, Elementals, Cosmic [i]Matrix, Mermaids and Tritons
  • Enjoy the company of Inner Earth Beings from Telos and Shambala Agartha.