[Uu Mie te•i•a] 

1. Co-creation of a new [i]Grid for the New Human Umi Na uLa.

[Umi Na uLa] 

n 1. The New Human 2. New Humanity 3. New Planetary Reality 4. New Universe.

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S1 | THE ONE WITH THE [i]Disks


  • iRemembering from ancient times of Lemuria, Atlantis & Egypt. Main point occurs under Pyramids around GAIA
  • Harmonizing the Cosmic Principles of the iFeminine and iMasculine within to create the Yin-Yang effect in You and in the World
  • Discover your Balance iSelf & Unique iSelf
  • Preparing the anchoring of the iChild Cosmic Principle in a Planetary way

Season 1 | Episode Itinerary

S1:E1 Cozumel, Uxmal & Tulum - Mexico

S1:E2 Mataveri Rano Kau, Volcano Puakatike & Volcano Terevaka - Easter Island

S1:E3 Machu Picchu, Ayacucho & Lake Titikaka- Peru/Bolivia

S1:E4 La Maná, Llanganates National Park, The Pyramids of Cochasqui - Ecuador

S1:E5Nakhodka, Mount Pidan & Russky Island - Russia

S1:E6 Elk Mountains, Santa Fe & Salt Lake City - USA

S1:E7 Kaimanawa Forest Park, Mount Taranaki & Raglan - New Zealand

 S1:E8 North Berwick Law - United Kingdom, Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park & Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

S1:E9 Laurentian Mountains, Mc Donald Lake at Halliburton Forest & Triquet Island - Canada

S3:E10 Fujian Lake, The White Pyramid, Xi’an & Aohan Banner - China

S3:E11 Dead Sea - Israel, Userkaf Pyramid - Egypt, Petra - Jordan

S3:E12 Yonaguni Island - Japan, Wake Island - USA, Yushan National Park - Taiwan

S3:E13 Pyramid of the Moon, Pyramid of the Sun, Pyramid of the Dragon - Bosnia