Blueprint for a New Humanity | Part 2

Do you feel called to create a New Humanity by unlocking conscious information that has never been on Earth… till NOW?

You’ve most likely never felt a calling so true, but you don’t know how to see it through (yet)...
Here is your answer.

If you are a spiritually-awakened soul, ready to…

  • Lead a community in the creation of a New Humanity.
  • Create a firm foundation for the New Humanity through Gaia.
  • Start sharing your powers with the world to enhance Earth for the benefit of all.
Your Blueprint to Building a Better Humanity is Here.
The One with the dUr-Rna Consciousness on Earth (The Highest Creation Force in the Cosmos)

Uu Mie te-i-a | Together, we’ll co-create a New, Better Humanity.

By merging the Consciousness of the Eloheim, Seraphim, and Dragons, building a New Humanity is left in your hands.

Are you willing to work towards it?

This sequel is about to become just like your most-recommended Netflix series: you won’t be able to stop indulging in it once you start.

As we combine Universal and Gaia Productions, we can begin to enhance our journey here on Earth - the way we are supposed to live now!

Your New Humanity Blueprint 4-Day Event Sneak Peek

Each day starts with a Zhineng Qigong Practice, followed by a group meditation. Then, we begin to learn how to build our New Humanity together. Each day also ends with a closing meditation and daily activation. Here is a look inside:

Day 1: Beginning 

  • Affirming yourself, being the Universal Field 
  • Updating into a New Humankind with the Multiverse 
  • Introducing the Umi Na uLa iCode 
  • Balancing your Consciousness 
  • Discovering your powerful gifts 
  • Understanding the balance of Polarities 
  • Song of Pineal Tones 
  • Harmonizing as One

Day 2: Flowing 

  • Setting energies for the New Beginning 
  • Working with the Universal Presence 
  • Breaking beliefs throughout your Astral Body 
  • Learning to navigate darkness and light 
  • The Principles of a New Humanity 
  • Becoming One with all that exists 
  • Unlocking your Emotional Body 
  • Remembering your Divine and Eternal Perfection 
  • Awakening your dormant DNA 
  • Realizing your responsibility 
  • Creating the Conscience of the Cosmic Self 
  • Discovering the ingredients for your Lemurian Self

Day 3: Flying 

  • Working with the Etheric Body 
  • Opening your heart wings to release engraved conditions 
  • Stepping into your New Consciousness 
  • Communicating with the 5 Elements 
  • Learning to live what you believe 
  • Activating the Universal Field Together 
  • Creating matter through energy to co-create 
  • Building the bridge to your Enlightened Self and an Enlightened Planet 
  • Learning the Quantum codes and signatures 
  • Celebrating the New Enlightenment 
  • Balancing the Feminine and Masculine 
  • Becoming more resourceful through Gaia
  •  Connecting our Selves as One 
  • Beginning your integration

Day 4: Celebrating 

  • Opening your energetic flow for abundance 
  • Moving between the Dimensions with joy 
  • Allowing time to slow down 
  • The Whale and Dolphin Song 
  • Enabling the synergy of your whole 
  • Becoming the center of Centers 
  • Activating the fifth Pillar of Consciousness 
  • Honoring your Self and Life 
  • Working with our ancestors to become One 
  • Activating the Solar Consciousness 
  • Opening a more authentic connection with Earth 
  • Learning to hold Light

Watch the full Co-Creators' Memoirs Mini-Doc now!

Calling all intuitive “Starseeds, Cosmic Souls, and Light Children”! If you feel the vibrations the masses don't notice – it's time to spread your wings!

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Discover your co-creative potential, open your heart, and become a superhuman at The Blueprint for a New Humanity: PART 2

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Hosted by a diversified international cast, each episode will focus on one thing in particular:

Each day, you will join a co-creation (in REAL time) a quantum experience to download frequencies, vibrations, and consciousnesses that have NEVER been on Earth before this moment. 

You have open access to join the experiences anytime and experience each one in the Now. 

Since this Planetary Event is BILINGUALLY --in both English and Spanish, it is open to anyone ready to take the next step on their spiritual journey! 

Plus, you’ll be teaming up with a community of powerful forces, ready to work with you to build your New Humanity.

The only requirement?

Your Universal Guide, the Cosmic Producers

Are you willing to help work towards it with your presence?

The Consciousnesses of the Eloheim, Seraphim, Dragons, and even Jeshua support you and all of us.

We’ll also look at… 

Ela Ane Amanea, Merlin, Whales, Dragons, Talkun, Dolphins, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Isis & Osiris, Lady Venus Kumara, Solar Council, Mother Whale, Grandmother Turtles 

...and Mary Magdalene, just to name a few.

Meeting Gaia Co-creators, the Cosmic Producers

Can You Feel This Calling?

As we learn the true depths of Gaia, we can begin joining our inner essence with Inner Earth Beings, Elementals, the Moon, Sun, and the Cosmic [i]Matrix.

With all that she is, Gaia is how we construct a New Humanity with a firm foundation.

About the Futuristic Co-creators, the Earth Directors

Dr. Todd Ovokaitys

The Pineal Tones are designed to assist with human balance, health, and expansion of awareness.

Developed by Dr. Todd (Todd Ovokaitys, M.D.) over the past twelve years, The Pineal Tones (TM) is a system built to use the human voice to produce tones and overtone patterns that can balance and align the body, mind, and being. In addition to this, toning has been found to stimulate the vagus nerve, part of the parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system, amplifying relaxation and stress-reduction effects. >> Mary

Dr. Mary Kennedy

In memory of Mary with LOVE

After years of practice and study, Mary shares her knowledge and tips to master living a joyful and healthy life. You’ll be able to rapidly learn the skills that have taken her years to find and test; as well as understand what approaches many think work but often don’t (and why). She has a gift for explaining information in a way that makes it entertaining, engaging, and easy to implement. >> Todd


Kai is a soul who comes from another planet, and since he describes himself as a "peaceful alien," I must agree. He loves connecting with other dimensions. For Quantum Holoforms, Kai is the artist who creates everything. He has a great sense of commitment, so I can assure you that everything he shares is with passion and dedication! >> Ornai


Ornai is life to me, for her desire to learn new things and live experiences has pushed me far beyond my comfort zone. In addition, she is a source of inspiration for those around her because she never loses her smile. She can overcome the most difficult things in life, smiling and with lots of strength. She is my earthy pole, along with Quantum Holoforms. She asks lots of questions and allows subtle energies from another dimension (such as the Light Codes and Color Rays) to be transmitted and anchored. And with that same wisdom, she keeps herself always grounded. She is a beluga with much love in her heart. >> Kai

Robert Haig Coxon

World renowned composer and artist catalyzing healing and transformation.

Robert’s music till now, is only the beginning of his talent. His Masterpiece period is just starting. Each year before has only served as a warm-up. The more he evolves as a person, the greater his music becomes. I can’t wait to have more of his timeless music to keep co-creating the vision of a New Universe.>> Lilly

Lilly Wong

Cosmic visionary supporting the birth of the New Human in You.

Lilly: a guide, visionary, transformer. She has spent many years intensely working on her self-refinement (her iSelf) so that she can now be a catalyst for others, like you, in Mastering the Sacred Art of co-creating with the Universe. >> Robert

Special guest

Peggy Phoenix Dubro

Peggy’s energy tools help bring your unique expression of self into the world! She is a distinguished international speaker, teacher, and true pioneer in the field of human-to-human energy dynamics. She dedicates herself joyfully to creating practical tools for personal or professional use to assist our ongoing evolution as energetically-aware beings.

Extra Support for Your Experience

Zhineng Qigong Practice

Wei Qifeng

Before founding the Harmonious Big Family, Wei found ultimate inner peace in 1991 after learning Zhineng Qigong. He then guided morning and evening practices at a Qigong hospital in China and was soon transferred to the No. 3 Healing Department in 1999. Wei Oifeng, an expert in Zhineng Qigong Practice, is another co-creator who is be ready to support you on this journey.