How it started...

On the 10th of July 2019 I went to bed, closed my eyes and started visiting a future memory. I found myself in the center of •Uni Ma (everything and nothing) and at the same time in Point 0.0 in Mexico. 

There were many strings of light and consciousness interweaving a new interstellar [i]Antenna. The quality, quantity and intensity behind the strings (like cables) are the consciousness of ti-MaLu_uu (Universal-Cosmic Love). 

It began to move creating a multi-parabolic reflectors, moving in multiple directions. Each reflector created a cosmic plasma [i]Field, allowing the exchange of new (never on earth before) cosmic [i]Information. 

I could “see” the [i]Antenna’s potential to grow and grow and grow, and then I “hear” the message “this antenna will support the next big download of the “Blueprint for the New Humanity in September 2020 close to point 0.0 in our beautiful GAIA.”  Lilly
Seven months ago I first experienced Point 0.0 in the Magic Valley, Mexico. 

I know it was a powerful and Sacred place because this is always when the Universe permits me to hear the music. 

 I was meditating on this event taking place in the same Magic Valley. I could see the New Interstellar [i]Antenna, but I also could hear the music that will be the catalyst for entering this multi-dimensional space. 

My part in this [i]Activations is to bring through my most powerful music yet… sounds that will connect you with your Quantum self… music that we will all express through Voices of the Eloheim… all to raise our vibrations and co-create this New Interstellar [i]Antenna for a New Humanity. Robert 
Watch Intro Video

Here you can have a taste of this cosmic event. You will visit the future and feel this amazing CREATION!

Watch the video, sharing at ,in 20:50 a preparation [i]Activation in the now! With Isis, the Dragons and the Eloheim

Let's make this interstellar [i]Antenna grow all over GAIA.

The Antenna is now anchored at point 0,0.

Today, together with your Cosmic Entourage, YOU can support the expansion of the New Frequencies and Consciousness Transmissions.


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Robert Coxon: For almost 30 years, Robert Coxon, world renowned composer and artist, has performed concerts around the world to catalyze healing and transformation. His music has been scientifically proven to heal certain ailments, and numerous concert participants have reported miraculous healings.

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Lilly Wong creator of the Lilithgram©, Horusgram©, Dragonsgram© & Timalu Academy. She supports Visionaries around the world in getting  in touch with the center of the Universe, facilitating the constant upgrade of their iSelf and the emergence of the New Human within.

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“The music of Robert as you know it… is only the beginning. His Masterpiece Period is just starting. The years before were the warm up. The more he evolves as a person, the greater the music becomes… Remember, this is just the beginning. I can’t wait to have more of his timeless music to keep co-creating the vision of a New Universe.”


“Lilly a guide, a visionary, a transformer. She has spent many years intensely working on her own self refinement, her iSelf, so that she could now be a catalyst for others in Mastering the Sacred Art of co-creating with the Universe.”