[Umi Na uLa] 

1. The New Human 2. New Humanity 3. New Planetary Reality 4. New Universe.


n 1. You, in an intimate, conscious and cosmic relationship with your Soul.


1. Transmission of specific iEnergy to harmonize your iSelf in order to cleanse, transform and either awake dormant frequencies or integrate new ones.

I "Knew" after the December Solstice 2019 new frequencies were going to enter our Planet. Frequencies that have never been on earth before.

My cosmic team has told me, I had being feeling  it, there was a sense of  "Knowingness" in the Field... but even then, when they started to arrived, I was totally blown away.

I said... WOWWWWWW these frequencies, vibrations & consciousness are truly new :-)

In January & February 2019 at the monthly [i]Reunions: The Cosmic Support for the New Human & the B-Hive Journey of [i]Evolution; we were given tree amazing [i]Activations to support the process and integration of these new frequencies as part of the personal and collective [i]Evolution.

Ela Ane Amanea (My Cosmic Team) recommended to put these available for anyone who resonates and wants to have a great [i]Tool for the next months and years to come... this is just the beginning.

I really believe we have now a great potential to become a New Human.

Can you feel it?

The Cosmic Upgrade Kit for the New Human | Umi Na uLa have 3 [i]Activations in total.

This is the second one Ela Ane Amanea has shared:

Cosmic Triad Upgrade [i]Activation

The Cosmos in YOU...

Experience the Consciences of the iFeminine, iMasculine and iChild as never felt before on Earth. It offers you a new potential for renewal and a new beginning. You will be certain a New Universe is here.

[Ela Nea Ama] 

n 1. Consciousness Cosmic Council of light guiding and supporting the Birth of the New Human. 2. 12+1 Councils of Light from the Universe & Multiverse.


n 1. Pure [Ultra] Consciousness technology to support the process of transition towards a New Reality.


Cosmic [i]Proteins for your iSelf 

100% Pure & organic Cosmic iLanguage (Light Language)


Download the [i]Activation and listen to it once week for at least 3 months. After that listen to it any time you feel like having any kind of challenges processing and integrating the New Frequencies. Also when you feel you have difficulties to move forward in your own path of iEvolution.