Cosmic T.t.A. [i]Suit

The Cosmos in YOU

Enjoy the "TarMaJo-o, ti-MaLu_uu, Ana'a Anamaká Effect" for more grounding, more unity and more clarity!

This is a consciousness suit, a gift from the Dolphin, Pleiadian and Eloheim consciousnesses to support the New Humanity's awakening. 

This beautiful consciousness tool has been supporting profound DNA changes in the evolution of the Human Being in 3 historical moments on the Planet: 

1. In the time of Lemuria, when we evolved into The Human Being - the Physical iSelf - as we know it now with its 23 Chromosomes. 

2. In Golden Egyptian times, before the arrival of the Pharaohs. Here began the mutation of the DNA to the Potential of the Christic (Crystalline) Human Being - the Quantum iSelf. 

3. And now, remembering its ingredients TarMaJo-o, ti-MaLu_uu, Ana'a Anamaka since 2012, until the full integration of the Cosmic Suit last year, it is again supporting us in the deep transformation of our DNA toward the Human Being Potential to integrate Consciousness (Plasma) - the Cosmic iSelf.

Are you ready to give a super upgrade to your DNA and get in touch with your Quantum iSelf and Cosmic iSelf?


Lilly )*(

Dolphin Consciousness: "This Suit allows you to travel beyond Time and Space, it allows you to receive and send cosmic messages throughout the Universe and Multiverse. Be careful to consciously choose the intention behind any of the messages". TarMaJo-o

Eloheim Consciousness: "This Suit is made with Cosmic Love and care for Humanity, it can give you strength in those moments when you feel sorrow, pain or anxiety. It has been created for the highest purpose of all. And at this time it helps to dilute any kind of conscious or unconscious resistance. Use it for yourself and others" ti-MaLu_uu 

Pleiadian Consciousness: "This Suit reminds you of all the gifts we have sown here on Earth for you. It helps you to re-align yourself with Gaia's crystalline centre, the consciousness grids, all the energy systems that you already know, but also those that you will eventually get to know. Use it to recognize yourself as one with GAIA". Ana'a Anamaká

T.t.A. Cosmic Suit [i]Activation

Yes! I want to upgrade my energetic, physical, emotional and mental body.

 T.t.A. [i]Effect

Has it ever happened to you to find something that does you so much good that you want to share it with everybody else?

The T.t.A. [i]Effect vibrates, resonates and integrates from the smallest particle of life to the entire Universe.

These are some of the great benefits that it brings to your iSelf: 

  • It strengthens your energy field
  • It broadens your field of consciousness 
  • It aligns you with the Ley lines and with all the energy systems known and to be known
  • It roots you and reconnects you to Gaia, with all its kingdoms, elements and grids
  • It reconnects you to the Cosmos, a loving and harmonious encounter with the Universe
  • It allows you to step out of a linear life experience to open up to your timeless quantum being
  • It strengthens, enhances and upgrades any other type of method, training, energetic technic that you already use.

This consciousness suit allows us to remember within the following: 

- TarMajo-o [i]Effect, supporting the transcendence of your Linear Self to your Multidimensional Self beyond Time and Space.

- ti-MaLu_uu [i]Effect, allowing the energy of Universal Cosmic Love to manifest in you and through you. 

- Ana'a Anamaká [i]Effect, aligning your human experience with Gaia and experiencing Cosmic Gaia in you.

[TarMaJo-o] n. 1. Cosmic Consciousness Matrix. 2. Holografic Lattice of the SpaceTime Structure and Electromagnetism. 3. Foundation of the Cosmic [i]Blueprints.

[ti-MaLu_uu] n. 1. Universal Cosmic Love. 2. Gravitational Force that keeps everything in Cosmic Order.

[Ana'a Anamaká] n. 1. I am grounded 2. I am one with Gaia 3. I am enjoying  life on Earth.

[iCodes] n. 1. iLanguage in form of Symbol, Color & Geometry. 2. The most tangible from of the iLanguage. 3. Cosmic [i]Information in a physical manifestation.

[iLanguage] n. 1. Cosmic Light Language 2. The Language of Pure Consciousness 3. Consciousness tool supporting the New Human emerging.

Upgrade investment

Prices in USD

The T.t.A (TarMaJo-o, ti-MaLu_uu, Ana'a Anamaká) [i]Suit

gives you the following immediate benefits:

  • Physical, emotional, mental and energetic balance to overcome any challenge in your daily life.

  • A life in alignment with the Earth, the Cosmos and Universal Consciousness.

  • The constant expression of your cosmic gifts, in expansion and conscious evolution.

  • The opening of your channelling abilities, in resonance with light beings from other dimensions.


"During the activations I’ve connected with all my lives. I’ve embraced, forgiven and released in all my mirrors of experiences... until I could embrace my heart, where golden light goes out from it until I dissolve in the Multiverse with the Great Consciousness." Cristina Salas, España

"Loving emptiness: I was able through using the suit to reach the sensation of an emptiness full of love, without any other sensation, only the here and now, it fills you and expands you." Maria Ramirez, Mexico

"I've loved the experience! I have taken the course later on not live, since it took me a while to decide to take it. But I have to say that as I was listening, I said, yes, yes, yes, it is now, this is what I need!" Cleo Perez, Islas canarias

T.t.A. Cosmic Suit [i[Activation

Yes! I want to upgrade my energetic, physical, emotional and mental body.

Cosmic [i]Training


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    • FOREWORD 02 | SUPPORT | Co-Creative [i]Videobook

    • FOREWORD 03 | Q&A

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    CHAPTER ONE | Energetic [i]Transmission - Download the Cosmic [i]Tools

    • 01.01 | Your Cosmic [i]Tools - Print before watching the video

    • 01.02 | Your Personal Wisdom [i]Book | Print before watching the Video

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    CHAPTER TWO | The Verbal [i]Transmission

    • 02.01 | Introductory video about the 3 main ingredients that make up the [i]T.t.A. Suit

    • 02.02 | Cosmic T.t.A. Suit [i]Activation | Watch the recording - Click here | Part 1

    • 02.03 | Cosmic T.t.A. Suit [i]Activation | Watch the recording - Click here | Part 2

    • 02.04 | Cosmic T.t.A. Suit [i]Activation | Watch the recording - Click here | Part 3

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    CHAPTER THREE | Energetic and Telepathic [i]Activations - Download the Mp3

    • 03.01 | Download your [i]Activations of Part 1, 2 & 3

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    CHAPTER FOUR | SEQUEL | Next possible STEPS to continue your Umi Na uLa [i]Journey

    • 04.01 | NEXT STEPS - Here are my recommendations on how to continue the Umi Na uLa [i]Journey | Learn more about your cosmic award

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    CHAPTER FIVE | You are creative words co-creating a New Reality

    • 05.01 | We appreciate your TIME and your CREATIVE collaboration.

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