Integrate more of your Cosmic Akashic Legacy. Let's become part of the Galactic Community

It is time to iRemember the Cosmic Core in YOU.

The Cosmic Core is the Synergy of your physical, emotional, mental, and cosmic BODY, INTUITION, CONSCIOUSNESS & iSELF


We have been waiting so long. We are back to support your Evolution. We are ready. - TALKUN (Dragon of the Sun)

Give birth to a New Cosmic You as a Dragonhuman allowing the Potential to become a Cosmic Mother - beyond gender or age.  

The Dragons, Cosmic Fairies, Dolphins , Whales and Isis as part of Ela Ane Amanea have given me precisely [i]Tools for this purpose and are Your Co-writers of this 6-hour Cosmic [i]Event. 

It is personal  journey, a path and most of all, a cosmic inner call...

Do you feel the call? 

Lilly )*(

The Dragonhuman Arising - The New Cosmic Rebirth

Cosmic [i]Event 1 | Volume 1

Join anytime, having the experience always in the Now.

This Co-creative  Cosmic [i]Event is in English and Spanish.

This  is an invitation to go deeper in this conscious evolution from your inner Child to your Cosmic Child, as the next step of the integration of the Cosmic Principles of the iMasculine and iFeminine in you. An experience that will allow you to live in a more authentic way, expressing your uniqueness.

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If you are under 25 years old please write to us and let us know why you want to participate in this [i]Event or get the [i]Event. We are open to an exchange:

[i] n 1. Constant that describes the quality, quantity and intensity of Pure Consciousness.

[iSelf] n 1. You, in an intimate, conscious and cosmic relationship with your Soul.

[iRemember] 1. to Process, Integrate and Express [i]Information within your iSelf beyond space, time or dimension.

[iTools] n 1. Pure [Ultra] Consciousness technology to support the process of transition towards a New Reality.

[Ela Ane Amanea]

n. 1. Consciousness Cosmic Council guiding and supporting the New Human Birth. 2. 12+1 Councils of Light from the Universe & Multiverse

This co-creative Cosmic [i]Event is for you as it supports ...

  • The Integration of Dragon and Cosmic Fairy Consciousness

    Merge and express more of both consciousness through you. Increase the potential to become a Dragonhuman... a Cosmic Mother beyond gender or age.

  • The Creation of a Dragon Egg within

    Allow the renovations of your Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Cosmic iSelf (Your Body, Intuition & Consciousness)

  • A New Cosmic Rebirth

    Experience a Cosmic Gestation within you supported by a Council of Light - a group Consciousness - "Ela Ane Amanea"

  • The Cosmic [i]Boost

    Activate and integrate a New Consciousness System for the New Human. 5 basic [i]Centers [i]Activation.

  • [i]Transmission for Your iSelf

    Verbal, Energetic and Telepathic [i]Transmissions to iRemember more of your potential as Cosmic Mother as a Dragonhuman.

  • Ancker New Cosmic [i]Tools

    Get the CORE 3 Cosmic Holographic [i]Blueprints - The Lilithgram, Horusgram and Dragonsgram and Dragon & Cosmic Fairies iCodes. Keep evolving at home.

Cosmic [i]Event



    2. FOREWORD 02 | Support | Co-Creative [i]Videobook

    3. FOREWORD 03 | Q&A

    4. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS | Timalu Academy Terms of Use

    1. PRE-REQUISITE Volunteer for your own benefit | The Cosmic iChild... Your Dragon iSelf

    1. 01.01 | Cosmic Holographic [i]Blueprint "Lilithgram" iFeminine PART 1- Print before watching the Video

    2. 01.02 | Cosmic Holographic [i]Blueprint "Horusgram" iMasculine PART 1- Print before watching the Video

    3. 01.03 | Cosmic Holographic [i]Blueprint "Dragonsgram" iChild PART 1 - Print before watching the Video

    4. 01.04 | The Dragon and Cosmic Fairies iCodes PART 1- Print before watching the Video

    5. 01.05 | Your Personal Wisdom [i]Book | Print before watching the Video

    1. 02.01 | The Story of the Universe, the Dragons and Cosmic Fairies - Watch the [i]Videobook

    2. 02.02 | THE COSMIC CORE | Your Body iSelf, Intuition iSelf and Consciousness iSelf - Watch the [i]Videobook

    1. 03.01 | The iFeminine "Lilithgram", iMasculine "Horugram" and iChild "Dragonsgram" and the iCodes for YOU - Watch the [i]Videobook

    2. 03.02 | Cosmic [i]Boost and the Human Process of In- & E-volution - Watch the [i]Videobook

    3. 03.03 | THE COSMIC UPGRADE | Watch the recording - Click here

    1. 04.01 | The Dragons and Cosmic Fairies ask to merge with You - [i]Activations in mp3

    2. 04.02 | YOUR iSelf BODY & INTUITION & CONSCIOUSNESS- [i]Activations in mp3

    3. 04.03 | Ele Ane Amanea and the Gestation of a New Cosmic Human Rebirth - [i]Activations in mp3

    4. 04.04 | New Consciousness System "The Cosmic [i] Boost"- [i]Activations in mp3

    5. 04.05 | The UPGRADE - [i]Activation in mp3

About this [i]Experience

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