Reclaiming your Cosmic Akashic Legacy. Are you ready to be part of the Galactic Community?

It is time to iRemember...



Your MOON... Your SUN... Your CENTRAL SUN... 



You are entering a New Cycle, a New Humanity is before you. You are co-creating from your Human experience a New World. As you keep in- & e-volving (Inner transformation & expansion of consciousness)  your potentials as Cosmic Mothers (beyond gender or age) is increasing. You are remembering more of You Cosmic Self as One with a COSMIC Body and COSMIC GAIA. - ISIS

Give birth to a New Cosmic Body in alignment with Cosmic GAIA, The Universe and Multiverse. Increase your potential to become a Dragonhuman - beyond gender or age.

You'll be traveling to 1-4 Inner Cities from the Center of Cosmic GAIA.

The Dragons, Cosmic Fairies, and Isis as part of Ela Ane Amanea have given me precisely [i]Tools for this purpose and are Your Co-writers of this 6-hour Cosmic [i]Event. 

It is personal  journey, a path and most of all, a cosmic inner call...

Do you feel the call? 

Lilly )*(

The Dragonhuman Arising - The New Cosmic Alignment

Cosmic [i]Event 2 | Volume 1

Join anytime, having the experience always in the Now.

This Co-creative  Cosmic [i]Event is in English and Spanish.


LET's Co-create a New Cosmic [i]Video Book together! 

Cosmic [i]Event 2 | Volume 1

Get your Personal Co-Creative Cosmic [i]Event


If you are under 25 years old please write to us and let us know why you want to participate in this [i]Event or get the [i]Event. We are open to an exchange:

[i] n 1. Constant that describes the quality, quantity and intensity of Pure Consciousness.

[iSelf] n 1. You, in an intimate, conscious and cosmic relationship with your Soul.

[iRemember] 1. to Process, Integrate and Express [i]Information within your iSelf beyond space, time or dimension.

[iTools] n 1. Pure [Ultra] Consciousness technology to support the process of transition towards a New Reality.

[Ela Ane Amanea]

n. 1. Consciousness Cosmic Council of light guiding and supporting the Birth of the New Human. 2. 12+1 Councils of Light from the Universe & Multiverse

This Co-creative Cosmic [i]Event is for you as it supports ...

  • The Integration of Dragon and Cosmic Fairy Consciousness

    Merge and express more of both consciousness through you.

  • Being a Cosmic Midwife beyond gender

    Dragons and Cosmic Fairies are giving birth during this period of time. Enjoy them within you.

  • A New Cosmic Body

    Your body is Multiversal as much as GAIA. Give brith to a New Cosmic Body by aligning yourself to a Cosmic GAIA.

  • Crystalline Inner Cities

    Let's remember together 1-4 Inner Cities around GAIA. Get welcome by the Inner Cities guardians. Enjoy!

  • [i]Transmission for Your iSelf

    Verbal, Energetic and Telepathic [i]Transmissions to iRemember more of your potential as Cosmic Mother in a New Cosmic Body.

  • Anchor New Cosmic [i]Tools

    Get the OUTER 3 Cosmic Holographic [i]Blueprints - The Lilithgram, Horusgram and Dragonsgram and Dragon & Cosmic Fairies iCodes. Keep evolving at home.




    2. FOREWORD 02 | Support | Co-Creative [i]Videobook

    3. FOREWORD 03 | Q&A

    4. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS | Timalu Academy Terms of Use

    1. PRE-REQUISITE Volunteer for your own benefit | The Cosmic iChild... Your Dragon iSelf

    1. 01.01 | Cosmic Holographic [i]Blueprint "Lilithgram" iFeminine PART 2 - Print before watching the Video

    2. 01.02 | Cosmic Holographic [i]Blueprint "Horusgram" iMasculine PART 2- Print before watching the Video

    3. 01.03 | Cosmic Holographic [i]Blueprint "Dragonsgram" iChild PART 2- Print before watching the Video

    4. 01.04 | The Dragon and Cosmic Fairies iCodes PART 2- Print before watching the Video

    5. 01.05 | iCodes Inner Cities - Print before participating in the [i]Event

    6. 01.06 | Your Personal Wisdom [i]Book | Print before watching the Video

    7. 01.07 | Your Personal Cosmic GAIA [i]Cycles | Print before watching the Video

    1. 02.01 | WATCH HERE the recording of The Verbal [i]Transmission - Day 1 - PART 1

    2. 02.02 | WATCH HERE the recording of The Verbal [i]Transmission - Day 1 - PART 2

    3. 02.03 | WATCH HERE the recording of The Verbal [i]Transmission - Day 1 - PART 3

    1. 03.01 | WATCH HERE the recording of The Verbal [i]Transmission - THE PLEAIDIAN GIFT | Day 2 - Part 1

    2. 03.02 | WATCH HERE the recording of The Verbal [i]Transmission - Day 2 - PART 2

    1. 04.01 | The Dragons and Cosmic Fairies ask to merge with You - Your Unique Tone [i]Activation in mp3

    2. 04.02 | Inner Cities Alignment and Your Dragon egg- Part 1 - [i]Activation in mp3

    3. 04.03 | Inner Cities Alignment and the Consciousness of Lupo and the Pegasus- Part 2 - [i]Activation in mp3

    4. 04.04 | A new vision emerges within you - Your Dragon's Eye within Cosmic GAIA - [i]Activation in mp3

About this [i]Experience

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