We are the consciousness of the Dragons and we are back. There is so much more of us that you don’t know yet, as you were not ready to “listen”. Your planetary consciousness has reached a point of conscious evolution that we are able to share lots more. Are you ready? - Talkun (Dragon of the Sun)

I invite you to discover more about the consciousness of the Dragons and how is present in the whole Universe and Multiverse, therefore also within you.

The consciousness of the Dragons allows you to iRemember your Cosmic iSelf Uli_ame-•   It opens the potential to evolve as we’ve never done it before as human beings, it opens the potential to become a Dragonhuman…

Can you feel the potential?

We are living times of the NEW, as never before. ENJOY!

Lilly )*(

The Cosmic iChild… your Dragon Self!

Join anytime, having the experience always in the Now.

This Webinar is in English, with simultaneous translations to Spanish, Portuguese. ( Translated also to Italian)

[i] 1. Constant, that describes the quality, quantity and intensity of Pure Consciousness

[iSelf] n 1. You, in an intimate, conscious and cosmic relationship with your Soul.

[iRemember] v 1. to Process, Integrate and Express [i]Information within your iSelf beyond space, time or dimension. 

[Uli_Ame-•] n 1. Remember the iChild Comic Principle within your iSelf.

[iChild] n 1. Cosmic Principle that allows you to process, integrate & express your Cosmic iSelf.

In this Dragon Webinar:

  • You will experience the consciousness of the Dragons.

  • You will experience energetic and telepathic transitions.

  • You will get a Uli_ame-• Cosmic [i]Matrix to keep nourishing your iSelf after the webinar.

  • You will get the iCode from Talkun - The Dragon of the Sun