August 31-Sept. 1-3, 2023
The Mediterranean
dUr-Rna Pollination Tour

FOURS DAYS “dUr-Rna Activations” in Mallorca

Beyond Ascension Mallorca!

The Masculine Principle will tune in with the frequency, vibration, and consciousness of Ni aMe. Upgrade of the fifth element: ether.
Raise the crystalline/Christ grid and the consciousness field.

This is the map reflecting the activation points. The location where they will take place will be announced during the first day of the workshop.


In this 4 days activations - you will upgrade the ether element in you. Beyond Ascension.

Mallorca is the island where I experienced my awakening of my extra sensory abilities.

Here began my Journey of Remembering, the harmonization of my physical, emotional and mental body. As a result of the harmonizations I started channeling angels, archangels, ascended masters, fairies, elementals, and galactic beings from the Pleiades, Andromeda, Orion, etc.

"The great plan—linear" was to go for 3 months and I ended up living 4 years.

I closed my cycle in Mallorca with a golden clasp, carrying out the first activation of the 12+1 (13) Lemurian disks, in the cave Portal Vells. In that same cave we are going to close the cycle of dUr-Rna activations, “Beyond Ascension”, so there are great surprises in store for us.

All the activations here in Mallorca will have one frequency, vibration, and consciousness: dUr-Rna Ni Ame

"Ni Ame, the highest state of consciousness expressed through dUr-Rna."

The island of Mallorca summons us as channels of love and light that we can just BE(e).

Furthermore, in both islands, a melting pot of populations that have mixed in these places since the dawn of time to create unique cultures.
However, they are very different from each other.

Sicily, with Etna, instead leads to a dynamic dimension of Gaia's energy which is continuously renewed. Etna is a unique energy and dimensional hotspot, where sky and earth become one, and the peoples who have inhabited its slopes feel it in their hearts and live in the very breath of the volcano. Being embraced by its strength is an energetic leap that allows, if grasped, to open up to wider dimensions of life. Soul and Fire, Beauty and Strength, stillness and movement are the gifts that everyone can welcome on this journey into sacred creation in the forge of their own Sacredness.

Cristina Papalolt
Co-creador organizer in Mallorca
WhatsApp o Telegram: +34 619 38 25 03
The Event is offer in English and Spanish.

FOUR DAYS “dUr-Rna Activations” in Mallorca
Beyond Ascension!

  • Day 1| August 31 | Cosmic Suit Activation Workshop T.t.A.
  • Days 2-4| September 01-03| dUr-Rna Ni aMe Activations on the island of Mallorca. The detailed itinerary will be shared in the month of June, for those registered.

Payment options.

Ready to upgrade the fifth element: ether and Ni aMe, a.k.a. the the highest state of consciousness?

Activations are by voluntary contribution for workshop participants (as we require group preparation, only those who participate in the workshop will be able to participate in the activations).


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Cristina Papalotl and Lilly Wong about
the dUr-Rna Activations in Mallorca

Mallorca | The Masculine Principle will tune in with the frequency, vibration, and consciousness of Ni aMe. Want to know more? Watch the video

Join us for the in-person activations. Experience your multidimensional Soul's Journey.
Do you want to become a co-creator in this planetary task?

The America Tour became an amazing vibration journey of ascension from beginning of times till now. Through the pollination of dUr-Rna, all 7+1 (8) Elements were upgraded on Planet Earth to the next level of consciousness within Gaia, the planetary grids, and each of the human and non-human co-creators. Each country became a conductor of one element of the 7+1(8) and used different flowers for the best integration of dUr-Rna in the human and planetary system.

In this Mediterranean Pollination dUr-Rna Tour, “Beyond Ascension”, will focus on the upgrade of our physical, quantum, lemurian, multidimensional and avatar iSelf. This time we are going to align to the different types of ROSES and rose bushes as vibrational support. And of course, we continue to gather the MOTHER HONEY.

In each place, we will have FIVE major activations:

  • Your Physical iSelf upgrade activation. Harmonizing your inner child and integrating your interdimensional Inner-Earth self.
  • Your Quantum iSelf upgrade activation. Harmonizing your feminine and masculine aspect within and integrating your inter-galactic self.
  • Your Lemurian iSelf upgrade activation. Harmonizing your feminine and masculine lineage within and integrating your Lemuria and Atlantean ancestral lineage.
  • Your Cosmic iSelf (multidimensional) upgrade activation. Harmonizing your inter-universal self. Integrating your androgynous aspect within, as Cosmic Child on Earth.
  • Your Avatar iSelf upgrade activation. Harmonizing your multiversal self. Integrating your synergy aspect within, a.k.a. the next generation of Humankind.
Where do you want to join me? Lilly Wong


01 | Tenerife
The Feminine Principle
eTe Ne•a

Upgrade of the first four elements: earth, water, fire, and air. Raise the magnetic grid and the energy field. Spiral going inwards.

August 24-27, 2023

02 | Mallorca
The Masculine Principle
Ni aMe

Upgrade of the fifth element: ether. Raise the crystalline (Christ) grid and the consciousness field. Spiral going outwards.

Aug. 31 - Sept. 3, 2023

03 | Sardinia
The Lemurian Principle
mir Ti aLe

Upgrade of the 6th element: cosmic plasma. Raise the Gaia grid and the ancestral field. Double Spiral going inwards and outwards.

Sept 9-10, 2023

04 | Sicily
The Androgynous Principle

Upgrade of the 7th element: dUr-Rna
Raise the Uu Mie te•i•a grid and the dUr-Rna field. DNA-strands helical movement.

Sept. 17, 2023

05 | Crete
The Oneness Principle

Upgrade of the core element: cosmic universal love. Raise the cosmic navigation grid and gravitational ti-MaLu_uu field. The Bee dance—the Rna.

Sept. 23-28, 2023

06 | Cyprus
The Synergy Principle
•Uni Ma

Upgrade of the 5+1(6) principles: the synergy of all.
The •Uni Ma EYE.

October 1-3, 2023