Personal iCode (PiC)  is a one-of-a-kind creation made with intention, just for you. Is a message from the Universe just for you in form of  iLanguage (Light Language), that has within it the power to upgrade your iSelf* to open up to a greater alignment with the Cosmos and it's expression through you.

A Personal iCode acts like a key: it unlocks all of your potential. It is affirming and transforming at the same time.

A Personal iCode also serves as a catalyst: it reminds you of your Soul Essence and how to express it NOW. It helps you get out of your own way so you can create all that you truly desire.

You will receive  these messages in the form of vocals ( iSound) and visual (iCode). 

[iSelf] s 1. You, in an intimate, conscious and cosmic relationship with Your Soul.

Your Personal iCode (PiC) channeled by Lilly Wong

We will deliver your one-of-a-kind Personal iCode in the form of jpg and mp3 files via dropbox:

  • Your Personal iCode (this is a visual representation of the customized high frequency message from the Universe).

  • Your Personal iSound (this is a sound representation of the customized high frequency message from the Universe)

  • Comments from Lilly (I share a little bit with you about the essence of the iLanguage behind your Personal iCode)

Your Investment

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“The Sacred Code is like a special visual created from my DNA, reflecting my essence. I see my place in the Universe. I always get a sense of HOME ...”

Janet Scerra, USA

“I access more inner depth. I feel more confident in healing my emotional pain. I connect more with myself and experience more harmony. I sleep with greater tranquility. I have activated my potential and healing gifts. Many thanks!”

Carmen, SPAIN