The Next Generation of Humankind. Do you feel the call?

Do you believe in creating a New Reality? ... We do!

The Eloheim, an angelic group consciousness, guardians of cosmic portals, are the builders of the universe as we know it. They are now gathering a group of Souls, like you, who feel the call to join with them in co-creating a New Human Reality... a New World... a New Human all through New Vocal Music & cosmic iLanguage. We are anchoring 12+1=13 new attributes of  Umi Na uLa 

[Uu Mie te•i•a ] n 1. Co-creation of a new [i]Grid for the New Human Umi Na uLa 2. Seeding the Umi Na uLa frequencies into our DNA and all of Gaia’s grids 3. Cosmic embryonic support for the New Human emerging.

 [Umi Na uLa ] n 1. The New Human 2. New Humanity 3. New Planetary Reality 4. New Universe.

Are you in?

Voices of the Eloheim | Uu Mie te•i•a | Read more about it

The whole Itinerary

Voices of the Eloheim | Uu Mie te•i•a

Here you can follow the whole iProject, the upcoming iEvents and the iActivations