n 1. Universal Love. 2. The highest gravitational force within the Multiverse. 3. Primal glue that keeps everything in Cosmic Order.


n 1. Constant that describes the quality, quantity and intensity of Pure Consciousness.

 Can You feel a new kind of frequencies coming in?

                   But … You are often energetically overloaded, or having some physical, emotional or mental challenges...

It is normal... we are going through a process of conscious Evolution with the potential to become a New Humanity... beyond our imagination. 

I am co-creating with my Cosmic Team Ele Ane Amanea Consciousness [i]Tools to be able to calibrate and align ourselves with the New Frequencies, Vibrations and Consciousness that have never being on Earth before.

Try out this [i]Activation, as you join the conscious journey of the New Human emerging. 

Let me know how it goes?

ti-MaLu_uu [i]Activation

Cosmic [i]Videobook | The Cosmos in YOU... | Basic Volumen

Join anytime, having the experience always in the Now.

This Cosmic [i]Videobook with simultaneous translations to Spanish and English.


n 1. Transmission of specific [i]Energy to harmonize your iSelf in order to cleanse, transform and either awake dormant frequencies or activate new kind of [i]Information within.


[i]Proteins for your iSelf 

100% Pure & organic Cosmic iLanguage (Light Language, Language of Consciousness)

[iSelf] n 1 You, in an intimate, conscious and universal relationship with Your Soul. 2 The best next generation of You. s 1 Tú, en una relación íntima, consciente y universal con Tu Alma. 2. La mejor generación de Ti.


Download the [i]Activation and listen to it twice a day for at least 28 days. After that use any time as recommended by your inner voice or intuition.