We come from  aKhu•na "far away" in the Multiverse. We are looking after the Project Umi Na uLa for the Creation of SIX New Universes. 

We are looking for Cosmic Mothers beyond gender willing to support the preparation, seeding and care of this venture. 

 DO YOU FEEL THE CALL? ... into the unknown...

We are sharing with you New [i]Tools that haven't been on earth before for this extra-ordinary Evolution, Ascension & Creation project.

Surrender to the unknown, because it’s only there where the new can truly emerge...

Ela Ane Amanea (Multiversal Consciousness Council)

Your experience is what inspires me and others!
Supporting Intuitive Souls, Conscious Visionaries, and Starseeds around the World.

Belinda García
After taking some of Lilly's programs at the Timalu Academy, I was able to unify my spiritual practice in my day-to-day activities.

I can now express my spirituality in every aspect of my life!

Moni Ninel
During my journey through the Timalu Academy, I have been able to leave unhealthy relationships and bring more harmony to current relationships.

Lilly has shown me an awesome way to achieve a balanced integration of emotions, thoughts, and energy.

Valentina Tognetti
Through these experiences at the Timalu Academy, I was able to realize I am not alone in this path. Furthermore, I can embrace not doing but “Being” allowing me to be a catalyst of big changes in me and around me.

Jocelyn Diaz
I have been able to heal myself, my wounds in a very embraced space by Lilly Wong at the Timalu Academy.

I can feel more emotionally in balanced, therefore I am able to have better relationships.

Jovisa Sandoval
Before starting at the Timalu Academy with the support of Lilly Wong, I felt lost, I could not recognize myself and didn’t know who I am.

Now I am able to recognize and release toxic relationships, also harmonize external factors, so they don’t affect me.

Vero, Marcela, & Patty
I love discovering many tools that can facilitate the process of transformation – even from past lives – not only for me, but also how to apply them to support others.

I like the way the Timalu Academy is designed to be remembering in layers, to discover more parts of my inner self.