Uu Mie te•i•a | [i]Blueprint for the New Humanity - The Beginning | PART 1 | Season 4:Episode 1

This is a meditation that we did together Voices of the Eloheim & The Stargate Experience: "Preparing for a New Humanity"


Plan Maestro para una Nueva Humanidad | T4:E1 Voces de los Eloheim

[i]Co-creaciones Cósmicas con Amigos | 111 usd

Únete a las 1550 almas de todo el mundo mientras descargamos la primera parte del Plan Maestro (Blueprint) para la Nueva Humanidad. Con Stargate (Julieanne, Prageet y Robert Haig Coxon


Blueprint for the New Humanity | S4:E1 Voices of the Eloheim

Cosmic [i]Co-creations with Friends | 111 usd

Join 1550 Souls from around the Worlds as we download the New Blueprint for a New Humanity. With Stargate (Julieanne, Prageet y Robert Haig Coxon.

Bosnian Pyramid Tour, 2019

Audios of the Meditations and Channelings From The Sacred Sites | 22 usd

- Pyramid of the Sun - Galactic Energy Transmission and Light Language Activation - Pyramid of the Moon - Divine Feminine Energy Meditation, Connection to Gaia, and The Void of Pure Potential - Meditations and profound insights from Alcazar recorded in the depths of the underground labyrinth - 'Bosnian Moon Disc' Light Language activation from Lilly Wong - 'Healing Bosnia' musical transmission from Robert Haig Coxon