Congratulations you have finished the Self Mastery Journey Ule niAmo_ne-i-a or _UnniMane…o

How do you feel now?

I have noticed that the most challenging part after the iPrograms, is to keep up using the iTools in you daily life and delving deeper within yourself.

Does it resonate with you?

The Beauty for me has been, that if I put my intention, attention and action into iRemember, it never stops. The best is that, the more I iRemember the more I find, my vocational arousal (as Barbara Marx Hubbard would say), I live my passion and I become my purpose :-). 

In every step on my journey, I find myself always living the best time of my life! Amazing, it has no end! But I believe is a result of having a great purpose to keep evolving and iHarmonizing within every day. 

Do I have challenges? YES, of course  I DO! I use the iTools I share  with you to iHarmonize my iSelf and keep increasing my level of iCoherence :-) everyday :-)

You’ve started to iRemember your Uniqueness - so lets move on - in this next iProgram _UnniMane…o we are going deeper within, we will have the next level of the iTools so you can start expressing your Uniqueness with more constancy… It is TIME!

How does it sound? Are you in?

Express your Uniqueness beyond the impossible! … it is possible! 

Lilly )*(

The iMasculine Way

The iMasculine Way is the Way of expressing Uniqueness & your vocational arousal. The main ingredients are Inner Wisdom, Inner Power and Total Surrender (Instead of just knowledge, competition & control) in communion with the iFeminine and in harmony with the Universe and Multiverse.

You become a  conscious co-creator of a New Reality, a New Humanity, a New Human.

The iProgram _UnniMane...o | Remember the iMasculine

1st Edition (Total Renewed)

The iProgram is divided in 2 trimesters, this means 6 months, with one month of integration pause in between. You can do this Journey in 1 or 2 years. Depending on the conscious [i]Time you would like to invest in yourself and your own evolutionary path.

This is an advance course. Pre-Requisites:

  • You have to finish the Self Mastery Journey Ule niAmo_ne-i-a or _UnniMane…o