Imagine a gift from Your Soul to your Soul

COOL... right?

A Soul Masterpiece is a gift from your Soul to your Soul, filled with channeled Music and Light Language. 

It knows your unique journey; past, present and future.

A unique composition, created just for you. Music and Light Language that hold the power to activate your Self-Healing potential and bring your frequency to a state of greater harmony and alignment with your Divine Path.

Robert and Lilly understand what your Soul requires to remember, heal and transform. The Music and Light Language they create, work in synergy, unlocking limiting patterns and inviting more opportunities into your life. 

Ready to live the life you truly desire?

Ready to upgrade your Divine Operating System?

Ready to live Your Soul Masterpiece?

YES! I am Ready to invest in a Gift from my Soul that awakens me to the Masterpiece of my life!

Your Soul Masterpiece:

We will deliver your one-of-a-kind Soul Masterpiece in the form of three mp3 files and one jpg file, via dropbox. Here is what you will get: ●    Your Soul Masterpiece (about 8-11 minutes long) ●    Your Sacred Sounds (Light Language in form of Sound) ●    Your Personal Sacred Code (Light Language in form of Symbol) ●    Comments from both of us (Personal Insides from the Universe to You)

  • Clears out inner blocks and patterns, gently dissolving obstacles and creating more space to grow

  • Invites forth your unique gifts, creativity and wisdom

  • Opens you beyond time and space, to the Infinite You

  • Reminds you of your Soul’s Purpose and how to live it NOW. It helps you get out of your own way so you can create all that you truly desire

  • Creates passion for Life, opening your heart to self-love and compassion

  • Releases Self-Judgment to open up to total confindence

Your Investment

To take advantage of the payment options tell us how we can help. Write to us at

The Soul Masterpiece can be:

  • From You to You

    Invest in your Inner Power. A gift from your Soul to you. Be part of a conscious Evolution.

  • A Relationship Blessing

    Both need to ask for your this relationship SMP. We will let you know if we have the Soul's permission to do it.

  • For Conception, Pregnancy and Birth

    Give a new soul a welcome present. A nice map from his/her Soul.

  • For your Projects

    Get all support from the Universe. You know is for the highest purpose of All.

  • For your Pet

    Support your pet to keep supporting you.

  • A great Gift for the love ones

    Ask for it. We will let you know if we have the Soul's permission to do it.


“Listening to my Soul Masterpiece is like hearing a Soul connection I had been missing. It connects me to my Soul more quickly and deeply, while allowing me to cleanse away the emotional, mental and physical pain. The Sacred Codes are like a special visual created from my DNA, reflecting my essence. I see my place in the Universe. I always get a sense of HOME when I listen to my Soul Masterpiece.”

Janet Scerra, USA

“My Soul Masterpiece benefits my body, spirit and mind. I no longer just listen to the music, I surrender, allow it to take over, change me and improve my entire being. Through the Soul Masterpiece, I allow the true nature of my highest self to manifest its glory.”

Lila Ary, CANADA

“The first time I listened to my Soul Masterpiece I was very moved. I felt as if I knew this music while also being surprised by it. As I listened to it more, it helped me release my emotional pain and feel more self love. I am more balanced now. I have experienced a lot of changes in my spiritual life in the past six months since receiving my Soul Masterpiece. I continue to release more blocks while increasing my awareness of my unique gifts. It’s a very empowering journey! Thank you, Robert and Lilly. ”

Laura Convertini, ITALY

“The wonderful music channeled along with the Sacred Codes has the potential to skip the filter of our mind and work on our future, past and present in a harmonious way, connecting with our BEING and the mission that we have come to do on Earth in this lifetime. It is a gift that is working on us, even when we are not listening. Thank you for this great gift. ”

Kepa Aguirre, SPAIN

“Chills ran through every part of me when I saw my Sacred Code and heard the Sacred Sounds. My body compulsively went into a dance upon hearing the music. Such a delight. I feel a reunion of sorts going on.”

Heidi, USA

“In listening to my Soul Masterpiece, I access more inner depth. I feel more confident in healing my emotional pain. I connect more with myself and experience more harmony. I sleep with greater tranquility. I have activated my potential and healing gifts. Many thanks!”


“I experience a total expansion and connection to my Soul when listening to my Soul Masterpiece. It is amazing! I printed out the Sacred Codes and put them around my house. They remind me of memories of ancient times. In listening to the music I experience greater peace and joy, as well as more acceptance of who I AM. I feel more empowered to change my life using my own gifts. ”

“Your music has managed to deeply touch my heart and very gently calm me. As soon as I downloaded my Soul Masterpiece, I listened to it more than 50 times to feel it and live it. I did not expect for you to see so much in me with this music. You really have an unusual gift to make and create beautiful things. THANKS from my heart!”

Lise, USA

“My Soul Masterpiece truly does speak to my Soul. I’ve experienced healing on a spiritual level and an increase in my creativity. I am more at peace with myself and confident with my path. I start my day listening to my Soul Masterpiece and it always puts me in a good mood! Thank you!”

Diana Lee

“After listening to my Soul Masterpiece many times, all mental processes that made me doubt myself have gone away. I am more confident in my channeling and am more open to new channelings, even when I’m not in session with a client. All areas of my life have improved so much from this music. I judge myself less and am more accepting. Listening to my Soul Masterpiece is like hearing an Angel Choir talking to my Soul. Thank you!”

Maria Botana, SPAIN

YES! I am Ready to invest in a Gift from my Soul that awakens me to the Masterpiece of my life!

Robert Haig Coxon, world-renowned composer and artist, channels music that reflects the essence of your Soul. His music goes beyond any hidden blockages, any underlying personal belief systems and directly influences your being, your cellular structure and your destiny in a very positive way. More click here

Lilly Wong, channel and creator of consciousness-raising tools, manifests Light Language, which contains high-vibrational messages from the Universe. These messages come in the form of vocals (Sacred Sound) and visuals (Sacred Codes). Light Language assists you in elevating your vibration so you can be aligned with the Divine at all times. More click here

Lilly and Robert see what your Soul requires to remember, heal and transform. The music and Light Language they create, work synergistically to effect profound changes at the Soul level. This combination of Light Language and Channeled Music infuses you with a sense of the Infinite and a deep knowing that anything is possible. More click here