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Cosmic Holographic Triad

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I love the triads, yes, yes, yes! I feel them, I experiment & I think of them on all planes of expression, existence and consciousness. 

Does this resonate?

On my own journey of interior refinement, I discovered that in order to have access to the full potential of my iSelf it is necessary to clean, harmonize and integrate 3 universal synergistic forces within me: UleniAmo_ne-i-a + _UnniMane…o + Uli_ame-•

A New Human is emerging within me!

[iSelf] n 3. Your Soul Fingerprint in this reality, location and dimension.   

[i] adj 1. Intuitive, intelligent, infinite. 

[UleniAmo_ne-i-a] n 3. Remember the iSacred Feminine within. 

[_UnniMane…o] n 3. Remember the iSacred Masculine within.  

[Uli_ame-•] n 3 . Expression of your Coherent iSelf. 3. Remember the Cosmic Child within.

Would you like to live in Balance, discover your Uniqueness, and create a Life in Authenticity... ?

Yes Yes Yes

I invite you to the monthly online meetings:

Cosmic Holographic Triad  

Update your iSelf in your daily life and the integration of the New Human within

Date:  Every 1st or 2nd Saturday of each month. Consult the Event Calendar. Join the monthly online subscription anytime.

Time:  12:00-13:30 pm ET (Find your local time here)

Where:  From everywhere in the World via LiveStream. Or join us by watching the recordings.  

Investment in your Good Food: 33 USD per month or subscribe all year for 396 USD and receive a special activation. (You can cancel at any time) 

And the first month for 11 USD to give you a taste. Check the packages for soul travelers when you subscribe to more programs at once. 

This event will be bilingual and delivered in both English and Spanish. 

Yes! I want to integrate the Universal Holographic Triad into my life and express more of my iSelf’s potential

Payment options

Prices in USD. Before investing you can go to the next section an click on FREE TRAIL to have access to a trial recording

  • $11.00 first payment, $33.00 / month onwards

    Monthly price. First month for 11 USD and then 33 USD


Each month you will receive:

[iSupplements] n 1. iVitamins and iMinerals to nourish your iSelf 2. iEnergy to give you a boost, strength or inspiration for Your Soul Travel.

  • Cutting Edge Tools to constantly update your Divine Operating System and live in coherence with the best next generation of your iSelf.

  • 60-90 min with your Travel Guide Lilly Wong. Don’t forget to bring questions, the group will be grateful.

  • iSupplements in Light Language. Update your iSelf with iVitamins and iMinerals of the 3 universal consciences.

  • Activations with Sacred Sounds and/or Sacred Codes and/or Sacred Movements to download and continue the update in your daily practice.

Reseñas de viaje

“Light Language has shown me the importance of the connection with my own divinity, with the consciousness of the one, the connection with the Universe, the cosmos and with the animal kingdom. ”

Ángeles, MexicoÁngeles, Mexico

“Having accessed my deepest parts has allowed me to understand the deeper parts of others, to understand why they act in a certain way or to be who they are. Now I am a better tool helping others to understand themselves. ”

Tiah, CanadaTiah, Canada

“I came to understand that I am this great catalyst, and that by being and remaining in my being I can help others to feel better. I have seen that in my family, I have been the catalyst for many great changes and recalibration processes. And it's great. ”

Valentina, SwitzerlandValentina, Switzerland

“Before working with Lilly, I struggled to accept my channeling gifts and the messages I received from spiritual guides. Through my work with Lilly, I moved beyond my fears and committed to my path as a channel. Lilly catalyzed the expression of my highest spiritual potential in this life. ”

Laurent, FranceLaurent, France

“I used to perceive my special gifts as strange. After working with Lilly, I now am able to embody and express my gifts with pride, appreciating my unique, natural talents. I’m no longer questioning, doubting or judging myself. Instead, I’m accepting and celebrating myself as I am. I continue to open to receiving more gifts and more surprises from the Universe! ”

Pablo, Argentina.Pablo, Argentina.

Yes! I want to integrate the Universal Holographic Triad in my life and express more of my iSelf’s potential

Your Soul Travel Tour Guide - Lilly Wong

Creator of the Lilithgram©, Horusgram©, Dragonsgram© & the LL Soul Travel AgencyTM.

Support Visionaries around the world in getting in touch with the center of the Universe allowing them to be more self coherente, while creating steadily an Authentic Life. 

For what? To maximize a change of consciousness and their impact in the world by being the best Next Generation of their iSelf.

More about Lilly Click here;

Photos by Tiah Coxon in Island. 2017 ©


If after your first month in the Soul Nutrition Plan and after doing the exercises you feel it hasn’t given you anything, please contact a Travel Agent at and we’ll issue you a prompt FULL refund.