Umi Na uLa [i]Project
Humanity's Cosmic Plan 144+1 (145)

12+1(13) The aKhu•na Cosnciousness in You

The Umi Na uLa [i]Project was conceived to be the cosmic catalyst for the physical manifestations of the last 2 Super- Multiverses and 4 Multiverse as Omniverse of Matter in aKhu•na.

We live within the Super- Multiverse of Ana'a qi (Orvonton), in the Local Universe Ana'a Mika (Nebadon), in the Milky Way Galaxy within the supercluster Ana'a akea (Edentia, Laniakea), in the Solar System Ana'a AlcySS (Monmatia, Aridu, ti-ama-te), and finally here on Planet earth GAIA Ana'a Anamaká (Velatropa 24.3, Agesta 0014, Pachamama, Urantia, Gea, Uraš, tiamat)

12+1 (13) Days Becoming Multidimensional.
The Introduction

Sign up to the Timalu Academy and download the Cosmic Holographic Blueprints to unlock your Cosmic Soul, a.k.a. Your iSelf.

Enjoy the 12+1 (13) Introductory Mini-Masterclasses and Q&A sessions. Decode layer by layer, fractal by fractal, all your Cosmic Potential.

Furthermore, get to know the inclusive multiversal aKhu•na Technology to activate, enhance, and/or upgrade your iSelf.

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Umi Na uLa | iSelf upgrades

12+1 (13)


Book the complete “Cosmic T.t.A. Suit” program for

133$ 155$

1. FIRST Activation – Your Physical Self (Your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body)

2. SECOND Activation – Your Quantum Self (Your energy field)

3. THIRD Activation – Your Multidimensional Self (Your consciousness field)

4. FOURTH Activation – Your Avatar Self | Your multiversal field

5. Come to the 6 practice Meetings with the co-creators


Umi Na uLa | [i]Programs

12+1 (13)

Second Generation in 2023

Uli_ame-• | The Cosmic Mother beyond gender... [i]Journey

The unique path of a Cosmic Mother from within to support the brith of a New Humanity and 6 New Universes. A Journey ONE OF IT'S KIND. Ela Ane Amanea and Lilly are sharing with you New [i]Tools that haven't been on earth before. DO YOU FEEL THE CALL?
Uli_ame-• | The Cosmic Mother beyond gender...[i]Journey

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